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Very powerful testimony by Attkisson as by Englebrecht. Will the women save the country? I fear the GOP will confirm this nominee who is NO different from her predecessor.
Attkisson's computers were hacked and her documents were remotely erased before her eyes. She actually videotaped it. Catherine Englebrecht was targeted across multiple federal agencies for her work on Voter integrity issues and a smoking gun memo was found coming straight from the WH. They have just found the DOJ and ATF torched an agent's house as an act of intimidation and then threatened witnesses. The failure to investigate the targeting of Conservatives by the IRS. One might also ask how someone (Eric Holder) who participated in an armed takeover of an ROTC building while at Columbia (demanding it be named the Malcolm X building and used for Black activities--he was working with the Black Panthers) could possibly become AG. Kinda boggles the mind. Not exactly a choir boy.
I only Hope Netanyahu knows the American people stand with Israel in spite of our RUDE and HOSTILE POS in the WH. I can counting the days until 2016 but as fast as the world is falling apart--can we wait that long?
I do believe Obama is a Muslim---a Sunni to be more precise.
He is a complete and utter fool. And Howard--that IS what the Koran says--in 107 places. Smite at the neck of the unbeliever; Apostasy is worthy of death; Homosexuality--death; etc. Did Howard not hear of the 5 Pakistani Christian women sentenced to death for accidentally drinking from a Muslim only water fountain? He is too stupid to be anywhere near a microphone or camera.
The Democrats mask is totally off--they are exposed for what they are. Anti-job; anti-energy independence' anti-American; pro-illegal; --they have assaulted Americans with the IRS, NSA, a healthcare plan designed as a redistributive mechanism, lied about Benghazi, ---Obama--the Manchurian President.
I have a theory. Perhaps the ability to be a good actor/actress involves having an empty head. The script is more easily imprinted on an "empty slate." These Liberals in Hollywood have no knowledge of history, no appreciation of the sacrifices of others that allow them to spew their ignorance and live in a fantasy world.
She is like one of those plastic dolls with a pull string. You pull the string and they just keep repeating one of 4 or 5 pre-programmed sentences...in this case--talking points.
My Prediction: If Mr. Duncan recovers, the Obama administration will grant him asylum to prevent his prosecution in Liberia for lying on his travel form. Now think about this....the Obama administration REFUSED the German family asylum status because they wanted to homeschool their 5 children and Germany will not allow that. So our government will NOT allow asylum status based on religious belief or parental rights...but they may grant it to someone who knowingly brought a deadly disease to America????? It hasn't happened yet and he still may die----but if he lives----just wait.
So you are "OK" with thousands of Christians and Muslims--including small children--being beheaded, raped, crucified---as long as you have the luxury of space and distance between yourself and the horrific acts? You have the luxury of passivity--they do not. Is there anything you will stand for? How about refusing sanctuary to Muslims from Somalia, many of whom are now turning on us? How about rounding up all those on expired student visas who have "disappeared?" Maybe we could protect ourselves? Secure our own borders?
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