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This is another reason why I am not a Democrat or a Republican. The parties stopped representing moral society a long time ago.
And in a later statement, DiChristina was heard to say, "When I said 'open dialogue and conversation,' I really meant that no one has the right to disagree with liberal dogma on this campus. Only by maintaining strict control over the minds of our students will we be able to prevail in our Brave New World order."
It's not an "anti-gay marriage" bill. It's a pro-traditional marriage bill. It's actually anti-marriage since homosexuals think that they can gain political traction by redefining the institution of marriage.
Typical liberal logic: "We regret voting for this guy, but at least he's not a Republican."' How far do we have to sink as a nation before voting Americans wake up?
No surprises here. Liberal doctrine has always preached a double standard.
How condescending does Obama have to get before all Americans realize that he's just not that into us?
I think he's talking about Biden's head.
I never realized that Joe Biden's head weighed so much....
I understand that the DHS has now bought twelve million tons of bricks to "use for training purposes." Brick makers are working around the clock to meet the new demand in bricks.
Liberals never let pesky things like facts get in the way of their predetermined conclusions. To a liberal, true or false premises don't matter, since all arguments must fit liberal dogma.
I've always been impressed, Pookie, with liberal minds that either ignorantly or willfully cannot comprehend hyperbole and sarcasm. It's a gift that you must all bring to the world. Thanks for sharing.
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