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Let's put socialists in control of federal testing for school standards. What could possibly go wrong?
The UK versus Argentina in the Falklands? The Gulf War? The Iraq War? Military victories are there. It's the aftermath of wishy-washy US policy that's screwed things up.
Let's all give this perp the anonymity he so richly deserves.
The problem isn't with the standards, the problem is with the federalization of assessments and accountability. The mostly federalized standardized exams force the schools to teach to the test, which includes a lot of leftist indoctrination. And yes, I've actually seen the exams and the curriculum because I run a private school for a living.
Question: Work?
Harry Reid exhibits all of the classic signs of being a loony.
I though Hill was all about allowing minorities to terrorize the majority: illegal immigration, same sex marriage, people who actually like Obamacare. Just goes to show how much we don't know about the Hill!
"Can Republicans Hold Obama Accountable for Bergdahl?" No. Because they have no political capital in this screwy world of establishment liberalism.
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Seattle council passes $15 minimum wage

Euripides Wrote: Jun 02, 2014 11:54 PM
First to close will be the restaurants, then small businesses such as printers or small retail stores. How do I know? I ran a small business that had restaurants as clients. The annual minimum wage hike in Arizona killed the restaurants, which killed off my business. It'll happen in Seattle.
Dems are so fixated on race, they cannot see reality.
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