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Tweet Irony: Crowd of Fools Cheers Obama

Ethan Wrote: Jan 03, 2013 12:37 PM
Not even a chicken is that stupid, but I’m afraid some of our young people might be. With absent fathers, little positive religeous influence and a corrupt school system, there is nobody to teach them wisdom and righteousness, and plenty of opportunity to learn foolishness and evil.

Caroline Baum, one of my favorite Bloomberg columnists has an interesting article today that's worth a read.

Please consider Wanted: Middle-Class Tweeters for White House Event.

Who were these people, gathered on the afternoon of New Year's Eve to fete the president as a deal to avert the fiscal cliff was hanging in the balance?

They were "middle-class Americans" who had tweeted their way to a staged White House event, according to Politico.

The crowd gathered at the...