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How Romney Can Win

Ethan Wrote: May 06, 2012 4:11 AM
I think this article is mostly right on the mark. Romney is not the man Americans want for their next president. The GOP knows that we are desperate to remove Obama, and so they hope that we will support even a really bad candidate if it will remove Obama. So enter Mittens, who is nothing but a Not Obama candidate. He has nothing of his own to offer, and he will always take his orders from the GOP, if he can even win. But I believe his only chance may be to convince Ron Paul supporters to support him instead. Fat chance of that happening!

Wannabe GOP Svengali Karl Rove helped to engineer Mitt Romney winning the Republican presidential nomination, and now says he doesn’t think Romney can beat President Obama this fall.

Recently a little birdie of mine shared some high level campaign intelligence with me that was given to Republicans on Capitol Hill, which said “Romney can’t win the election, but Obama could lose it.”

I am not a Rom-Zombie. I think my street cred for opposing Romney’s RINO record in Massachusetts and the milquetoast Republican Party establishment is well established, given the hate I receive from slappies to each of my columns that...