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Sorry, I just don't get it. So much of the criticism of Romney is that he wasn't a true conservative and that's why he lost. So if Santorum is a true conservative, why wouldn't he run against other true conservatives in a 2016 true conservative primary, and the winner will by definition be a true conservative, and we can get a national referendum on how the Nation views true conservatives? Despite so many TownHall bloggers complaining about Romney, I don't see much support for Santorum. If not him, then who?
I know, right? Sean is on the mark again. How dare they use their Hollywood people to raise awareness about Republican legislative agendas, when it dilutes the message of Republican Hollywood people telling the real story - that re-electing Obama will lead to "1,000 years of darkness." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ud3pK5Wa90 Keep bringing the truth, big guy - it will set you free!
Didn't Obama accept responsibility in the debate last night?
Please invest in a higher grade of tin foil before it's too late. The rays are still getting through and frying your brain.
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Obama's Foreign Policy Follies

ET Wrote: Oct 03, 2012 3:43 PM
Counterpoints and follow up questions: 1. How is the planned attack on the Embassy and the sad death of the Seals and Amb. Stevens so different from the looting of Baghdad after the fall of Sadaam when our troops were there? Do you really expect the President to be able to control a mob in the Middle East without extensive use of deadly force? 2. Are you advocating we return combat troops to Iraq, as Gov. Perry did in the debates? If so, you should make this clear, not just wring your hands that neither Iraq, Syria or Iran is behaving as we'd like them to. 3. Apart from Iran obtaining a nuclear bomb, how is the Syrian/Iraq/Iran triangle threatening our national interests to the point we need to openly intervene?
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Gov. Romney Was Correct

ET Wrote: Sep 20, 2012 3:53 PM
It's not the candidate, it's the ideology. Romney only stated what TOPer's like Napolitano believe, as Aiken only stated what TOPer's generally believe as well. Now that the candidates are speaking to an audience outside the 30% of the Nation on the far right, their comments are scrutinized to a greater degree, and they will get push back and rejection when the majority of the Nation will disagree with them. They have every right to express their views. The electorate will decide if the person holding such views will get their individual vote.
And Michelle wasn't all over Obama's "guns and religion" quote in 08?
Not to mention Mitt hasn't said he was taken out of context, and had doubled down on the statement. Not to worry though. He has Ann Coulter and Rush's support, so all will be well.
Don't a substantial number of retired Americans who receive Social Security and don't earn enough (because they are retired) to pay additional Fed taxes belong in the 47%? Why would they consider themselves "victims"? My dear father, before he passed last year, would be in this category, and as a single issue voter, would have been for Romney all the way. Yet Romney just classified him and those like him as a victim voting for Obama. This episode in the 2012 campaign is just another factor to consider as we evaluate one candidate against the other. All of those posting here who simply dismiss this comment as "He's right, move on" are a real hoot.
I agree. I ran a marathon in 1982 in 3:59:58. Any kind of a runner never forgets what his only marathon time was - so what was Ryan trying to accomplish?. Recall how much of a beating Gore took when he made his internet comment, which was an exaggeration, not an out and out fabrication, as Ryan's was. If Ryan just hadn't given his factually challenged RNC speech, this would have been more easily overlooked - but when it's part of a pattern to mistate for political advantage, it's very concerning.
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