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That's not fair...
That's exactly what he wants to do: Evil thrives on conflict.
LOL - that's why lefties love to use that word - they know you can never pin them down!
"will become just a little bit fairer,” Any time a lefisit uses the word "fair", it's code for "I'm screwing you big time"...
What does $5200 have to do with anything? It's like the old AMTax based on $85k that was around for so many years, while our economy entirely changed. Even from the time the law was passed until now, $5200 is worth less. The whole thing is unconstitutional and at the rate we're going you won't be able to contribute more than a loaf of bread's worth of money. And don't think that by artificiallly pumping up the dollar O and Yellen don't know that they are effectively limiting our freedom of political speech each time they do it.
"Very special president" Right - the only president ever to get elected with no qualifications, no citizenship or school records, and no accomplishments. That's what I call special. But he won't be a 'special president' for long - soon he'll be a special convict in a maximum security prison or standing before a firing squad.
If we catch you messing with the votes you bet there will be a civil war - and we won't lose this time. Obama and Holder will be hanging from lamp-posts. Take you NAACP and shove it up your snout.
Note: Michael Savage and Mark Levin, two of the biggest conservative leaders, are Jewish. I'm Jewish - mess with me and I'll take out my Uzi and fill you full of holes. Go put on your white sheet and find some stupid Obamaroid to harass. They taught us lots of ways to kill guys like you in the IDF.
You've read so much liberal garbage that you find it impossible to comprehend that there is any other truth. You remind me of someone from the Dark Ages - your life is ruled by ignorance.
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