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It's not just the architect - this was a massive conspiracy all the way to the top. Obama has to be impeached, or just jailed without even impeachment - he's a common criminal.
Dean should have ended with a whoop....
I agree 100%. Messing around with appropriations bills is NOT the way to do this. Obama will print his own money to fund his initiatives or just steal it from somewhere else. This is an impeachable offense and it's Congress's sworn duty to act and impeach, and roll out all the big legal guns they have to get a conviction. Obama wants to set a precedent for sidlining Congress and destroying our Constitutional Republic. He must be stopped. Everyone in Congress, Democrat or Republican, should realize that such actions on the part of a President threaten them all - allowing Obama to proceed unchecked means Congress become irrelevant forever. When Ben Franklin said "A republic, if you can keep it" he was talking about times like these.
"...a thoughtful, educated Democrat's...." "thoughtful, educated Democrat" is an oxymoron.
Correction "her to.."
How magnanimous of him to acknowledge Amendment I....
So why did he cave on the nurse from Maine? Now she's walking around thumbing her nose at everyone. She should be jailed for contempt.
Not a good idea. Nothing beats classroom education. What we need are teachers and professors that aren't indoctrinated in the Party Line.
"51 percent of definite millennial voters plan to pull the lever for Republicans Tuesday, compared to just 47 percent who said they were planning to vote for Democrats." Unfortunately, the question may not be about how many levers are pulled for the GOP, but whether or not they are counted for the GOP....
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