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Has anyone ever informed isis that they are beheading the wrong people? The NWO should be their target. They are the ones who have started this insidious movement to promote their own agenda!
Obama will be written into our history books as having had two great accomplishments: fundraising and playing golf!
Do any of you actually believe that any arab state would pursue isis?
If you want cheap, just buy aspirin. Hold it tightly between your knees and avoid becoming impregnated!
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Video: Kerry Says US Not at War With ISIS

Esther46 Wrote: Sep 13, 2014 10:56 AM
Kerry's right. They are not at war with isis. In fact, he and his puppet-masters have supported and armed them. Any troops sent there to 'eradicate' the problem is nothing but a big show displayed for the American public to appease us peasants!
In the meantime, these illegals have been spreading a number of diseases and virus's throughout the U.S. Would Obama consider this a win-win situation?
This Principal's principles are dictated by his political ideology. My regrets to his student's and parents for his bigoted and narrow minded leadership!
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O Audit, Where Art Thou?

Esther46 Wrote: Sep 13, 2014 10:36 AM
"Sloppy book keeping"...means sloppy legislating. My regrets to her constituents, and the taxpayer's!
Don't hold your breath!
I think Ms. Pacheco learned a lesson about politician's. They're not concerned with anyone's problems, only what benefits them! Rubio supported amnesty and was one of the gang of eight promoting it. I don't think that the public will be forgetting that in the near future!
This broad is another boot-licking commie!
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