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Any school cafeteria that does not include potatoes is dealing with an empty menu. Students need that potassium to keep them going. The diabetic students should have rice and other nutrients that will not destabilize them. I wish the devil that Michelle would just butt out of the nutrition scene and do what she does best...taking many vacations on our tax money!
The Kartrashians have built a name because of their misdeeds and controversy. What actually have they produced to have become so wealthy and well known? Well, their mother is a good promoter and has propelled them into stardom, over nothing. I have more respect for my children than to prostitute them into a world of 'unreality!'
And these are the people our own president is allowing into our nation! That tattooed criminal and others like him to wreak mayhem in our nation so the democrats can get more votes. They are not allowed to vote, they are not citizens of our country!
Why does the German government put up with this bs? Even France is starting to come down on the muslims because of their protests. If the Germans don't wake up and act, their nation will fall to islam!
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Cartels Fire on Border Patrol in Texas

Esther46 Wrote: Jul 21, 2014 11:16 PM
They can fire on Americans and we can't fire back?
It looks like Russia is being framed because they are now part of an alliance with BRICS!
Why was this passenger plane flying in a war zone? Who gave the pilot that directive? Something does not add up here. Is the NWO trying to find fault with Russia because they are part of this new BRICS alliance? Those initials stand for: Brazil, Russia, India, China and So. Africa. It looks like they don't go along with the NWO and are creating their own system.
Who directed this pilot to fly over a war zone?
This is poor psychology. You don't send a politician to a country that has little or no respect for you. The Israelis had agreed to a cease fire but Hamas/Palestinians did not. Isn't Kerry appealing to the wrong side?
Although I have admired Perry for some of his efforts, I just don't think that he is qualified to lead our nation. Also, there are tell-tale signs that lead me to believe that he is not all that he professes to be.
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