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Anyone who would support Reid is either a communist or an idiot. He is on the path for his own benefit, selling out our nation, selling out to our enemies and selling out the nation that he was born in. I'll bet that he can't even spell the word 'patriot.'
I hope that the patriots of the good state of Louisiana recognize this 'wolf in sheep's clothing' and vote her out of office. She's another 'do nothing', self aggrandizing politician who promotes herself instead of the betterment of her state, or our nation. We do not need these phony blatherers who only strive for their own personal benefit and could care less about the state of our nation!
Thumbs down on Rubio. He is another plundering advocate seeking the gravy train of politics. He's already shown his true colors, and it's not red, white and blue. Just another greedy, power seeking politician who wants to profit on the backs of hard working American patriots by trying to work both sides of the aisle for his own personal benefit. Trash this conniving carnivore. We do not need more enemies!
Pardon me, but I don't think that Obama is trying to stop isis. The truth is that this is part of the commies/muslims evil plan to try to overtake our nation. First, they try to spend all of our money, and secondly, they have worked overtime to try to destroy our nation. All of you dim witted liberals who refuse to 'wake up and smell the coffee,' will soon be 'chopped liver.' You haven't a clue as to the impact of these muslim savages. You are all 'Babes in Toyland.'
I'm sure that these commies control the FDA. Who would agree to a blood transfusion from a gay person who has had anal sex? More liberation from this corrupt government that is trying to destroy our Republic and infect our citizens. They are evil personified!
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VIDEO: A Lie Exposed?

Esther46 Wrote: Nov 15, 2014 4:42 AM
Don't get mad, get even! Even the corrupted Elijah Cummings stands at Pelosi's back, supporting these commie ingrates. When our own congress has turned its' backs on their constituents, and also allowed a muslim on the House floor feigning his blessings, we have to realize that our citizens are on their own. It's up to We The People to deal with the corruption, in our beloved nation, and to fight back their efforts to steal our nation!
Have any of you read the article about our House of Representatives allowing a muslim on the House floor reciting his 'blessings.' If I had the power, I would impeach all of them!
Isn't Obama generous with our hard-earned tax money...and for a bogus cause?
That's what happens when the attorney general just happens to be an ex-black panther. Or is he still a member?
Obamacare was created to help destroy America and Americans. BO is just following his well-paid for agenda and his congressional puppy-dogs are aiding him in fear of losing their own perks. Almost all of them are a waste and it's up to the public to start cleaning house!
She's still getting paid and has a pension? This witch should be sentenced to prison for a long term, strip her of her pension and assets and give them to the fund for our veterans to benefit by. These minions of the opposition may be following orders but they still stand accountable for their own actions!
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