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There will be a day of judgment, and paybacks are a mother!
Now what do any of you expect? BO is a muslim looking out for muslim interests. Supporting and arming the rebels is supporting the muslim brotherhood. Assad is trying to help the Christians and the muslims are killing them. Everything this muslim president does, and his bought out congress, is back asswards!
These politicians only seem to be concerned with their re-election. They could care less about the state of their country, our citizens and the imposing dangers. I look at them like chopped liver!
The president and congress in favor of arming our enemies, the muslim rebels aka muslim brotherhood, but insists on disarming American citizens. Anyone can see where this is going, and it's not in favor of we American citizens!
I'm surprised that the House voted in favor of this. Arming and training our enemies sucks!
Three choices: deport all of them, incarcerate them or behead them. Let's turn tables on them and see how brave they really are!
Another one of BO's minions. We know he's following 'their' agenda but his replies are so stupid. You'd think that his 'party' would think up a more clever excuse. In the meantime, don't depend on anyone but yourselves. These muslims in the WH and government have no plans to protect us. They are setting us up for a fall. And shame on all security. If you were born and raised in the U.S. you should be protecting our citizens and country!
Another commie Principal!
"Dumb and dumber!"
Hillary is history! Her antics and her deceit, her liberal politics and her neglect for our Republic have shunned the majority of our citizens, who are not forgiving for her self-serving purposes. She looks forward to the birth of her first grandchild, after supporting abortion for others. She supports the muslim brotherhood and her friend, who is a muslim activist who endeavors our demise, huma abedin. The only way that she could be elected Potus is for the Bilderbergs to endorse her and rig the election. Her appointment as Secretary of State was a total failure and Benghazi was her Waterloo. We don't want, nor need our own citizens becoming traitors to their native nations and selling their own Americans out to further their own ambitions. She has no idea what real leadership is!
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