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Why I Oppose Barack Obama

Esther28 Wrote: Oct 18, 2014 7:03 AM
And yet, we are still talking about him, and he still is walking around, and still sitting in the wrong seat! Still scratching my head. Some things amaze me.
By the way, your god oblamer, spends over ONE BILLION just on vacations--this would put a lot of caviar on the tables of the poor--this is not a necessity--this is sheer luxury--hope you are enjoying his sunsets
So, when you make your thirty five thou, you continue to work but will give anything made over that amount of YOUR SALARY to those who look for handouts can sit all year on their butts and say thank you very much! This stupid government just loves people like you--people with brown noses. I really wonder where your brain is--and, by the way I will open my check book any day to you and show you my contributions to charity--those really in need--your thinking just amazes me!
Those were wonderful, full, rich days. Yes, we worked diligently, were frugal, had solid morals, did not see sex on TV. I am told that history repeats itself. Your grandchildren are the benefactors of your great love.
Cash for services is a terrific idea, but it is the investments that insurance companies need to make that aid in the total care costs for all seeking medical care. An individuals payment could never meet the cost of equipment, hospital care from rooms to therapy, ambulance, etc. etc.
the suggestion was really tongue in cheek
dream on
agitator and yachtsman--don't you just love that 1.4 billion personal expense account that you gave the oblamer--you must love those vaca's coming out of your pocket--how's the food by the way? I'll bet those children with no education and poverty level living in the Appalachian hill country are so pleased that they can smell the garbage from the plane flying overhead on its way to spend more of your $$$$. So pleased you are just one happy society cause you'll be paying for him and his wife for the rest of their lives.
Now that's Obamacare--truth be told
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