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It's too easy blaming the culture. Literally millions watch the same movies, t.v., etc., and yet we aren't ALL running around committing murder. The problem is a failure to stop and THINK, and an inability to separate fantasy from reality - something plenty of the Commentators posting here exhibit.
What I expect is something better than that Anti-Semitic drivel. Like the girls in question, you clearly can't separate fantasy from reality!
The real problem is ignorant people like you who mistake folly for wisdom. Had you bothered to read the Harry Potter books, you'd know they're all about the fight of good against evil, and that the key to victory required Harry to be willing to lay down his life for his friends. Where have I heard that one before?
Not as easy as you make it.
Yes, keep on making silly and ignorant remarks.
Then you must be feeling pretty hot right now.
Yeah, and as demonstrated by the UNHOLY Crusades, the UNHOLY Inquisition, and the UNHOLY wars of the Reformation (when Christians gleefully slaughtered each other over how to worship the "Prince of Peace"), there's still plenty of room even with God.
Instead of blaming the "culture", why not blame the individual parents?
Really? ALWAYS? Beware of sweeping generalizations. They almost always are wrong!
*Pat Robertson *Jerry Falwell *Michelle Bachman *Rand Paul *Rush Limbaugh *Faux News
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