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The Media's Rape of Reality

esevene Wrote: Sep 16, 2012 11:07 AM
Aura I was at the auto parts store the other day and there were 5 or 6 talking politics which is a hard topic for me to stay out of, and I assumed that all were democrat by the conversation. As the talk continued I heard some one say Obama needs to and will win this election. The reply really caught my attention as one of them said, "I used to think so but after looking into the public records for myself I think I will go the other way this time" at which started a mini war. All of the mans friends turned on him and would not let him explain what he found out. I felt sorry for the guy but not wanting to get caught up in the topic at that time I walked away. So you know I am an independent
I didn’t want to write this column. I definitely didn’t want to use these words. I wanted to write about something else, but after the events of this week, I had no choice.

I am here to report a rape. To protect President Obama from the failure of his administration to anticipate or respond appropriately to the attacks on our embassies in the Middle East, the media has absolutely raped the truth.

Americans were targeted and murdered by radical monsters around the globe. The president did nothing about it. The White House had at least a 48-hour advance warning...

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