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And I'm pretty sure that you will vote for Obama again when he tries to run in 2016 against the constitution.
I said it a year ago when our citizens were killed on foreign soil and it is true today and will continue to be true. Obama and his will never be held accountable for any of their crimes against this country.
Nothing will ever be done about voter fraud in any election. If the black panthers can guard the polls so can we.
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Why Obama Wants America to Fail

esevene Wrote: Oct 17, 2013 12:25 PM
Don't try to tell a liberal that Obama is a socialist. They won't believe it and they won't research anything about Obama or his supporters. Try looking this up. Statement made by Melissa Harris Perry MSNBC. news Your children don't belong to you, they belong to the state, or, Peoples freedoms need to be limited for their own good. Both of these statements were also made by Hitler in the 1930s. Wonder where she stands? Right behind Obama and everything he stands for. Look it up for yourselves.
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