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Reporters Diss Holder, Refuse to Meet Off the Record About Secret Monitoring

Erwin44 Wrote: May 30, 2013 10:43 AM
Look, at this point AP meeting with Holder 'off the record' is like a woman victim of a rapist agreeing to meet with the rapist in a discreet location, to 'work things out instead of going to the police'. 'Trust me', says the rapist, 'we can work this out'.

When you start messing with people who buy "ink by the barrel," things tend to happen. In the case of the Department of Justice secretly monitoring reporters, the press is finally a) doing their jobs by tracking down scandals in government b) is pretty ticked at Attorney General Eric Holder.

Last night, Holder offered to meet with reporters off the record to discuss the balance between national security and the First Amendment. In response, Holder received a thanks but no thanks from nearly every media outlet that was invited.

The Associated Press issued a statement Wednesday...