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Obama Campaign: Vegas Fundraiser on Day After Benghazi Massacre was "Appropriate"

Erwin44 Wrote: Oct 01, 2012 3:57 PM
I agree, it was 'appropriate'. Like a communist elitist splashing mud on line of weary proleteriat, while speeding by in his chauffer-driven car while the lowly wait in line for bread ... and laughing. Look, millions died. Starved during collectivization ... the elite didn't miss a chance to sip champagne. All very appropriate for post-Revolution Russia ... the reason the Kronstadt sailors rebelled ... realizing what was to come ... what is to come for us if Obama and his followers get to own a country for another term??

Once you have a grasp of this president's priorities, his team's responses to challenges like these are entirely predictable and expected.  Kudos to David Gregory for asking this tough question, to say nothing of his follow-up dig:


GREGORY: “Was it inappropriate for him to go to a fundraiser the day after this attack now in retrospect knowing that it was a terrorist attack, inappropriate for him to engage in politics as...