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NYT: Say, Biden Sure Looks Like He's Running For President

Erwin44 Wrote: Aug 13, 2013 11:41 AM
If our nation is sliding into 'art as life' ... aka we will all be living the plot of 'Idiocracy' ... Biden will make a perfect president. And look at the collateral effects a Biden presidency will have: -- Bush will be viewed in awe as the equal of Albert Einstein; -- Obama will be shamed as a bad liar; -- 'I am not just the president of the Hair Club for Men, I am a client' Sy Sperling will be a household name for reasons beyond his relentless ad campaign that obviously snagged client Biden; -- Some say Youtube is 'killing standup' ... the genre will be revived with a vengeance during a Biden presidency; -- Any crimes and malfeasance committed by the Biden family and cronies in their captive state of Delaware will finally come to light and there will be multiple prosecutions resulting during a Biden reign over our nation's capitol; -- Liberals and leftists may form their own party or take part in the political process in diminished numbers; -- Syracuse University will up its costs to $100K a year; Chinese nationals will still gladly pay to send their kids there; -- The Clintons will relentlessly work against Biden while posing as his friends.