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Bush: Obama Has a “Tough Choice” to Make on Syria

Erwin44 Wrote: Aug 30, 2013 12:19 PM
Since this administration 'doubles down' on lies and mistakes, an ill-conceived attack and escalation in Syria would seem the obvious next step. The disasters in Libya and Egypt need a third act to be considered a 'hat trick' of failed foreign policy and the nuts in our government, e.g., Pelosi, are apparently pushing for more action. There is already more than enough material to fill many books, the subject matter including Obama's hypocrisy regarding war(s). We are beyond head scratching. Is there a plan here...???
jkash1776 Wrote: Aug 31, 2013 3:09 AM
Well if you wanted to take over America would you:
1) Send out your consitutionally loyal army out to a place where they'd be in the midst of murderous thugs with POOR EQUIPMENT
2) Get your at home vets brought in to the hospitals, declared suffering from PTSD and grab their guns
3)Declare the military the gay playground and make it impossible for a straight soldier to get any justice, due to SPECIAL HATE CRIME protection of homosexuals, if his gay officer raped him
4)Get the chaplains, historically sometimes the only relief for soldiers, all but disappeared and have ATHEISTS called religious chaplains?
5)Get illegals brought in who have no love for either the people or the constitution, arm them in the Obama youth program, along with an UNEXPECTEDLY HIGH amount of thugs (read Chicago killers) and put them in the private militia where they will happily enact an overthrow with no thought to civilian casualties?

Just a FEW ideas you might think about if you wanted to turn America over to the UN and the Muslim brotherhood for the resources, with little to no use for the actual citizens.

Out of office but more presidential than all the other living presidents combined.