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Look, does anyone still wonder how our American Obama experiment would turn out?
All dogs share 99.8% of the same DNA according to various sources.
And now one can ask, power seized through aforementioned propaganda ... what has it wrought in the Middle East?
My point is along the lines of what the NY Times posters suggest -- and that is that the existence of chem and bio weapons were in fact in Iraq -- you can parse all you want "active", "program" -- if you are indeed military you know that a simple, legacy system like SCUD could have had any number of delivery systems, NBC ... strapped on -- said munitions fired at will via trailer mounted and hard to track SCUDs -- chem and bio used as they were vs. Iran >> and SCUDs fired on Tel Aviv with whatever payload Saddam desired. Bottom line is: "Bush lied..." was and is propaganda that left out all of the above details and more AND the story now in NY Times and elsewhere ... for the purposes of taking power in this country.
It was all propaganda, a nice, repeatable childlike rhyme ... "Bush lied, people died..." Not too many details "carefully" revealed there, just old-fashioned mis- and dis-information to grab power. It worked. And here we are. How's that ISIS situation going???
The bottom line is simple, for rational thinkers. If Saddam had chemical and biological weapons - which this proves he did - noting that the international community -- the UN -- and Hillary Clinton's vote for war agreed >> and we knew he had SCUD missile systems >> again, the world watched Saddam rain them down on non combatant nation Israel during the Gulf War >> and he could have had his military arm said SCUDs with whatever munitions he wished them to ... the 'details' such as these were not something the left felt the American people had to "carefully read" like the left wants us to parse this latest event ... through their collective prisms.
"I think it is important to read the whole article to understand that, no, Iraq did not have a program or was not producing weapons of mass destruction as it was reported by the Bush administration. Most of these weapons were old and probably were left behind after the Iraq/Iran from the 1980s. I think it is important to make this distinction before the neocons of this country being to say that they have been right all along. They still aren't right. "
By NY Times poster "Retired Military": "The amazing part of this story is the corrupt leadership in the front line military that showed complete disregard for the soldiers safety and treatment. " >> This obfuscation may be meant to point responsibility AWAY from the 'leadership' in the White House.
"This report SiMPLY illustrates the presence of OLD chemical weapons, IMPROPERLY disposed of, and is NOT indicative of an active and lethal weapons program. This does NOT vindicate the unsubstantiated allegations of the Bush Administration of the presence of WMDS. Everyone please read this carefully!"
Ok, so along the same lines of thinking -- here are some of the posts from NYTImes article on the chemical weapons found in Iraq: "They lied that he had an active program, not that he had weapons. These weapons were old and corrupted, not part of an active weapons program. A very important distinction. "
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Jay Carney's Pinocchio Problem

Erwin44 Wrote: Sep 26, 2014 9:27 AM
Look, the eyes don't lie. Carney is a clown, and while he got the usual payoff, soft-landing after serving the cause, his days at CNN are numbered.
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