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Zoooooom! That's Emperor Bloomberg's jet leaving NYC and heading to the Caribbean for the weekend ... while he was mayor. When he deigned to be in town earning his keep, his eminence would issue edicts. On the important stuff, like the size of a soda an American adult would be permitted to purchase. His eminence convicted newly-minted Super Bowl hero Plaxico Burress of a gun crime ... before American citizen Burress had the benefit of due process. Bloomberg changed parties, but really is a party of one. He is bigger than laws. He is an Emperor.
The Cotton Gin was the first robot. Self checkout at Home Depot replaces 6 cashiers with one machine minder. Wringing hands over the future won't change a thing. Finding a way forward -- get your children to embrace that approach --- will.
Look, the faux-history, pro-Palestine as victim, Israel-hating fiction is gaining traction with Millenials. Talk to a few and you'll see.
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Impeach Eric Holder Now

Erwin44 Wrote: Jul 21, 2014 1:33 PM
Sure, the cabal of crooks is going to get after the Top Crook that can crookedly indict the cabal's friends and family network of gravy-sucking pigs. Sure.
And the advice to 'use your connections' -- this kind of article is for the people that LACK those 'connections'. They have no need to read here -- c'mon. Ok, I know a guy that could pick up the phone and call a friend at Goldman Sachs and get his son a job there after graduating from his tony private school -- uh, hello.
DON'T WAIT UNTIL HE IS 22 TO HELP HIM "TRANSITION" INTO THE REAL WORLD -- IT MAY BE TOO LATE I have three kids that have all worked since they were 13. Saved their money. The transition into the 'real world' is not something to postpone until after they end the childlike party, er, graduate from college. By then, you may have missed the chance to teach them a true work ethic -- while assisting them (or yourself) in helping them make the life of the capital class more comfortable - aiding the affluent while plunging your hapless, babyish young adult into five-figures (or low six) debt.
Well, let's just take this Administration's claims at face value, IRS lost their homework, er, emails, crash, lost, wiped. All that. Shall we extrapolate the capabilities of our goverment agencies accordingly? What chance does that give them, say, against Chinese Army hackers? Iranian counter-hackers that want payback? Ten year-olds in Kazakstan that want to probe the Pentagon computers. Seeing how easy it was for the 9/11 attackers to find a soft spot, how safe are we with this self-confessed Keystone Cops leadership? Ok, I get it that they are just the latest generation of swine to suck all the $$ gravy into their own gullets -- Hillary not being able to find a way to get by on the $100 million her and Bill 'earned' (not influence pedaling, nuh??) and all. So accept it -- 'we're not dishonest, we're just the Keystone Cops'. While gas prices spike to $8.00 a gallon and the next invasion of Kuwait occurs.
Great, this lovely partisan woman is celebrating Obama and his media minions piling on the opposing side of the aisle ... while lovingly referring to her employer as "SS". Now why would I get the feeling that a lady like this is another 'SS' uniform in another era might just as willingly do the bidding of her master race, er, masters. We like to think you can't make comparisons, 'it can't happen here' ... but are yet reminded of the consistency of human nature. Just give someone an 'enemy' and all bets are off.
In his autobiographical and historical writings, former CBS radio commentator and European correspondent Bill Shirer asked, 'what happened to the French (character) between the stalwarts that defended at The Marne (saving France) in 1914 .. and the cowards that surrendered to and collaborated with the Nazis in 1940...' The American Experiment we are all living may one day lead historians to ask similar questions about US.
We live in a Kakistocracy. Saving you the search, "Some nation-states have suffered what the Greeks called kakistocracy—government by the worst of men." Look, word of Clinton's version of Berlusconi's 'bunga bunga parties' didn't put people off of him. Obama's followers don't care about this blatant criminality either. A country run by criminals, for criminals
Shouldn't this story be linked to the lavender sash story? God has not been eliminated from the schoolhouse. He has been replaced by new gods.
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