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Must ... print ... more ... 'money'.
France is a dead society awaiting the eventual death knell ringing in the future via the relative birth rates.
The plan is to hope no more Youtube murders. Or a new Kardashian baby. Not much planned beyond that.
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In Defense of a Crony Capitalist

Erwin44 Wrote: Sep 17, 2014 7:50 PM
Yup, as a small business owner I earn it, then hand it over to the government ... and they hand it over to Musk. Woot.
Hangs his crying towel on the back of his chair to dry? Yucks it up with his Democrat 'opponents' on how easy they all have it, fleecing America? Chain smokes? Or as they say in New England, 'what have you?'
Read up on the tactics of post Civil War 1800's Robber Barons -- this kind of thing is old hat. Also review, 'the Clintons, pre Presidential years'.
Sorry, but Mr. Obama is committed so far to a handful of drone strikes. The rest is smoke and mirrors.
A non war "war" with troops that might go but no, no ground troops to go must be striking fear in the hearts of ISIS fighters.
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Multiculturalism Is a Failure

Erwin44 Wrote: Sep 17, 2014 3:27 PM
Multi-culti may be deemed a "failure" by Germans/Frenchmen/Scandinavians .... that harken back to Caucasian roots with the lightest of skins. It is a massive success in the making for those coming in to the countries of the aging, lazy, state spoon-fed Europeans ... that will be supplanted as sure as anything .. via the unbending laws of math. Break out your dime store hand calculator, darlings ... you too can tabulate when the lights go out for what was once known as the "European".
That Shyster Biden shouldn't have used the term "Shylock", from what I hear in the echo chamber.
Yes, Obama will be leaving a domestic and foreign policy quagmire to be dealt with. But heck, with the fine examples of Jimmy Carter and Bubba Clinton ... he can still be a Democratic icon, and wander from pencil to post for the rest of his sentient days and rake in $$$$ while dispensing his 'wisdom'.
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