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Secretary Kerry at the Water’s Edge

Erwin44 Wrote: May 05, 2014 12:01 PM
Oh, I know. The word "Apartheid" just slips out of my mouth all the time. "Hey honey, I'm going to the deli, would you like some Apartheid for lunch?" "My favorite color for a car? Hmmm, a tossup between red, black, and Apartheid." "I don't know doctor, I stepped down and my Apartheid has been sore ever since."
They hand out condoms, punish the victims of bullies ('zero tolerance') as much as the bullies themselves .. in the rare cases victims defend themselves. Our local school district has been conducting a trip to China with students -- each family coughs up $4+ grand -- for God knows what reason ... and here we are.
We're not going to trust liars. We're not going to trust liars when Americans die.
The 'issue' at hand is a Red Herring. This group isn't trying to 'make America better', they are God-haters, Christian-haters. Period. Lawyering up over the fine print is just the way they conduct their campaign against the faith they target.
Sterling rant... The NAACP may have dumped Sterling, already awarded one 'Lifetime Achievement Award' ... but they still have Al Sharpton, deadbeat, judgement dodger, and MAFIA rat among other things in the lineup for 'Person of the Year'. How apropos, since the 'type' of person 'of the era' seems to be the RAT. Secret recordings, report your neighbor for 'software use', leaks by our government, and on it goes. Shhhh ... 'no comment' ... do not even dare to think a bad thought about our Dear G.R.O.F.A.Z. ... and did you see His portrait over our copy of His fine book, in the foyer? We think the right thoughts. Funny, how Bill Shirer, speaking of Himmler in "Berlin Diary" said, that it is 'often the (nerd) that is the best at (executing the regime's policies to take away your freedom)'. It is best to remove freedoms by making 'examples' of the 'indefensible' like Sterling. You ... will ... be ... next. Christian ministers ... have thou no memories? Wait until your Scripture is deemed 'hate speech'. And let's face it, fine moral voices like Earvin Johnson, an adulterer that f*&cked his way across the country until contracting AIDS that could have been passed on to his wife due to his secret double life ... had no problem with Sterling when the man was just a common misogynist ... the preferred bias -- anti woman -- of the NBA crowd. And shhhhh ... there is no way Earvin is so craven that he is an opportunist, using this situation to buy the Clippers at a lowball price. I know because Earvin ... said so. Fatherless, er un-fathered children created via the sexual unions between NBAers and their various mistresses ... no problem. High profile millionaire NBAers failing to pay child support? No problem. Now? Now the geek-in-chief and the NBA misogynists are going to save the country. Bill Clinton for King. Al Sharpton for King. The best men in the country... unless you are a woman, including a teenaged Tawana Brawley.
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Liberty or Firefox...You Choose!

Erwin44 Wrote: Apr 11, 2014 3:22 PM
Can we just use the accurate term, "fascists", for these folks? Those that squash freedom of speech are fascists by definition, not "liberal", although they may be referred to as "liberals".
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A Bridge Too Far-Fetched

Erwin44 Wrote: Feb 06, 2014 11:49 AM
Well Joe, if your theory trumps mine, no The Donald pun intended, then Christie is even more guilty than I proposed.
Our government will sick the most vicious debt collectors on you and yours for student loan money. They sold us and our kids out. Co-sign and risk losing everything.
Read your history. Weak leaders bring war and death upon their people.
Democrats and Republicans off-shored all of our manufacturing while serving their Wall Street masters. That is the beginning and the end of the story.
The Broncos had a great season. Peyton had a record-breaking season. Then one bad game at the end. In the end, they are entertainers, we can choose not to buy a ticket or watch. Obama, every game a bad game. We cannot get away from him. We all pay, no choice in the matter.
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