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Now, understand that none of my points are to relate a POV that is 'pro' ISIS/ISIL. As far as I am concerned, blow these m-fers off the face of the earth. Today. Intelligence failed to find them when we could have saved the journalist. Find them, where's the vaunted CIA -- satellite imagery --- hello -- enough failure. Find them.
Now for the rationale. This "war" or 'conflict by another term that does not include the word war until we decide in response to media pressure about not using the word "war" to use the word war' against "ISIS", "ISIL" or 'the term we use to refer to the combatants in question as seen on TV' .... Ok, hate to be a pain, but this "war" (now that the word has been used) -- is no more "legitimate" than the conflict these folks decried when it was expedient ... to get into power. Actually, despite the Clinton-esque lies ... Bush's war was voted on and approved by Congress. Further, the rationales used to demonize Bush ... no need to repeat them ... well, this new "war" does not stack up. Did ISIS/ISIL make any attack on US soil? No, and thus Obama's "war" is not legitimate by the left's own 'battle cries' of injustice. Has "war" been voted on by the UN? No, same problem. By Congress? No, even worse problem. Historians, when a new crop of objective ones come to the fore in say, 100 years, will thrash Obama and his minions over their hypocrisy....
ISIS, ISIL ... even the discussion of the semantics ... includes sophistry ... and semantics. See, the "L" stands for the "Levant", as stated by a government spokesperson, referring to the "Arabic" the term comes from. Okay, that begs the question, is it "the Levant" or "The Levant"? In any case, most listeners don't know offhand where the (The) Levant is .. sorry, public schools don't teach geography anymore ... replaced it with 'sustainability' or 'earth science'. So the President avoids using the word, "war", then his talking heads rush to use the term "war" to prove their boss wasn't avoiding the use of the word "war", by saying "war". We're supposed to believe this group is moving past words uber alles ...
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Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Erwin44 Wrote: Sep 04, 2014 9:26 AM
Hey, as I grind it out as a small business owner, I am happy to feather the nest and the retirement of my local $ six figures gym teacher. It's only fair.
Look, I suggest you turn to your nearest Frenchman and say, "Mohammed, what ails you my friend. I assume you have a beautiful wife inside that black hood, you have twelve beautiful children. Life has been good to you."
Obama is behaving in a rather Nixon-esque manner, eh? Just without the left to pile on him in parodies.
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It Takes a President

Erwin44 Wrote: Sep 04, 2014 9:22 AM
Look, the next time you bowl, play a tennis match, cards -- and LOSE ... I want you to raise your arms, yell at the top of your lungs, "I win!" Then go around the neighborhood and tell everyone you won.
I just burped. Click to download an MP3 file of my burp.
No matter what happens going forward, Obama's part of the history of the Presidency will include the massive strategic blunder that pulling all troops out of Iraq represented. A PR stunt, the exact opposite of statesmanship. A retreat to soothe the PETA constituents, not the gods of war, realpolitik. Bush's flawed campaign, no war reparations -- 'Bush went to war for oil' should have been used against his foes to enrich the United States ... for all the blood shed. Instead, Bush played the 'good guy', followed by Obama's massive, childish foreign policy blunder. And that's just Iraq. Obama turned his back on the uprising in Iran ... literally siding with the Mullahs. And on it goes -- and will go into the history books, no matter the 'statements', claims, and faux flexing of verbal muscle. We now see American troops being fed back into Iraq .. reminiscent of the early Vietnam conflict -- a few hundred 'advisers' at first ... but in the case of that burgeoning war ... the USA followed a French defeat ... and that a massive blunder ... this time WE follow our own defeat ...
Bad optics, replies ... the clueless have come home to roost. We are all paying for Obama amateur hour in the corridors of power.
What would General MacArthur have done? We bungled the Iraq War -- Donald Trump was right - we should have come out of there with war reparations -- oil --- the left accused Bush of having oil as his agenda -- there was no PR capital to lose. We should have stayed on the ground, obviously -- not this political stunt of pulling everyone out. What a sad day for Mr. Sotloff and his family. What sadness and murder our leadership vacuum brings. Look -- LOOK at what the public school bureaucracy -- the social welfare movement -- have done for inner city minorities >> yet these same people now run our country and foreign policy. Dreamers, at best. A new generation of Munich-makers more likely > the peaceniks, sold humanity down the river in 1938. And apparently nothing was learned...
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