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Who Won't Wear The Cord?

Erwin44 Wrote: Jun 17, 2014 12:36 PM
Why not a Yellow cord if Jewish? A red mark on your forehead if you ever had a bad thought about The Leader? What about a dark blue cord for Yankee fans? Look, we live in a plural society and one should respect others. But this is fascism, sorry.
Did they get him with his film projector? What about his popcorn machine? Seriously, thank God we have competent and brave military men still in this country to pick up the pieces dropped by lying politicians.
Make that 'zip the lip' as in Susan McD.
Oh please. If the Clinton kid wasn't a 1 per center that could have Daddy (or Mommy) pick up the phone -- and snare darling a neat little $600K sinecure, er payday, um, whatever the sum really represents -- she might have been looking at a $15.00 per hour paid internship -- AFTER getting out of college with good grades and one or two Bachelor degrees. I mean really, this $100-200K figure -- not for a kid with no experience, getting her feet wet. Roll back the public record to the land deals, who died on their watch, who zipped the lop and did a time in stir to protect the Clintons ... the pardons, long before the other allegations .. impeachment ... and you have an apple so rotten, a worm wouldn't want crawl through for a meal due to the risk of toxicity. The idea, though, that we are in some new era of rotten, dishonest, on-the-take politicians is a canard, however. This is just the latest batch of conniving thieves in charge. Very European too, with their invested tentacles on all -- yet very American, as they smile with their capped teeth into the camera and fool -- the fools that love them and keep them in power and out of prison garb.
When Saddam launched the SCUD missiles into the heart of Tel Aviv -- something we all saw on TV -- the question was: What payload are the missiles delivering? The options included nuclear and biological. The Patriot Missile system -- equal parts effectiveness and propaganda -- were deployed to deal with the SCUD threat. We could not find most of the SCUDs because they were fired from mobile, flatbed truck mounts. Saddam used mustard gas munitions against the Iranians. So there we have two verified 'weapons of mass destruction' (WMD) to use the relatively recent, hackneyed term. So when those that were tasked to analyze the existence of WMDs in Saddam's arsenal .. came back with a 'positive' .... what evidence was in hand to refute the reports? Even blow-with-the-wind, riverboat gambler con artist swindlers like Hillary Clinton voted 'yes' for war. Obama, more canny, simply hid under a rock so he wouldn't end up on the record for any vote ever during the five minutes he was a no show Senator. So let's establish a few facts if this all needs to be discussed again. I see the left already exhuming Bush's beaten and disfigured public corpus ... to 'blame' for Obama's impending and developing foreign policy disaster in the Middle East ... so you know they (the left) smell danger.
Just try this sheee-t the IRS is pulling ... when dealing with the IRS. Now that the organization has proven to be corrupt, criminal at the top - how much that leaked down is in question.
And is that a 'Lifestyle Lift' tacking those jowls to the jawbone??
And really, the 'Top Gun' look? What??
So all those of low intellect that 'fall upwards' into wealth and power now have to get '45' tatooed on their arms to identify them??
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Donald Sterling Should be Flayed Alive

Erwin44 Wrote: May 05, 2014 12:12 PM
Please, grandstanding media kneejerker Nosferatu Himmler clone Silver and his predecessor had NO PROBLEM with the Misogynist when he was just anti-woman. The NCAA had NO PROBLEM when this satyr Caligula clown was just anti-woman, flaunting his hookers courtside.
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Secretary Kerry at the Water’s Edge

Erwin44 Wrote: May 05, 2014 12:01 PM
Oh, I know. The word "Apartheid" just slips out of my mouth all the time. "Hey honey, I'm going to the deli, would you like some Apartheid for lunch?" "My favorite color for a car? Hmmm, a tossup between red, black, and Apartheid." "I don't know doctor, I stepped down and my Apartheid has been sore ever since."
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