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Funny, me and by business are still waiting for the 'fuel surcharges' by UPS and USPS to go down or away....
Instead of grossing $200k per year at your dry cleaners, and walking down the street with your head help high ... you'll have 'trust' in the government to raise minimum wage.
Yes, yes. Comrade de Blasio .. the ultimate creation of the left, is ending one industry, while the higher Comrade, Cuomo, today moves to end another. As the horse and carriages go away ... energy industry goes away ... soon our great Comrades will announce all small business are being collectivized ... but you will be allowed to continue to work on the Kolkhoz after the government takes ownership (replace "Kolkhoz" with "Walmart" for a hint of what it will be like).
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Democrats' Wasteful Torture Report

Erwin44 Wrote: Dec 17, 2014 4:09 PM
Yes, the Boxer torture report, to shame and weaken the USA. And today our new pals in Cuba, break out the cigars.
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Russia's Ruble Goes for a Ride

Erwin44 Wrote: Dec 17, 2014 4:08 PM
When do we see the political cartoons of ... a wheelbarrow of millions of rubles to buy a loaf of bread...?
Oh come on, this is just one box the lame duck in chief always intended to check off. There will be more.
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Yes, Michelle, It's Because You're Black

Erwin44 Wrote: Dec 17, 2014 4:05 PM
My first post college job, worked in a shirt and tie. Sears next door, I was often mistaken for an employee by little old ladies. Worked in Dinkins' NYC after that, all 5 boroughs. All these articles seem to be written by and meant for consumption by those that never hit the streets. The clueless.
Yeah, in a fascist state. They can kill you with impunity.
Hmmm. Ok, in my town, where the perpetual ticket blitz has been on for years ... illegals congregate, are picked up and dropped off daily. This activity breaks a number of laws. The police, not interested in enforcement ... the licensing authorities .... nope, no interest. Do the contractors doing the pickup/dropoff have the needed licenses? Pay taxes, withholding? Do we know that these events are not part of human trafficking? Prostitution? Loitering ... littering...whatever. I don't see any of the above leading to 'choices' that 'lead to' death? I see double standards, injustice, and hypocrisy.
No concept of proportionality ...? Ok, so your 8 year old daughter steals a pack of gum .. and you will be ok with a cop shooting her down like a dog. Ok?
Look, in the Ferguson case, we did not have video. Instead, there were conflicting witness accounts. In the Garner case, we have video, and we see with our own eyes tell us we see. But there is more. I live in NY, and what I have seen over the last years is the use of the Police as an illegitimate taxing authority. The NY traffic courts, where most members of the middle class have interaction with their local police, are what I call an 'illegitimate 1201c Parking on Pavement factory'. To wit, our town has no less than 3 different police entities, county, village and NY State Troopers ... constantly ticketing motorists. And the perception and shared experience among my neighbors is that this constant ticketing, hiding out in 'hidey spots' to catch drivers .. is for minor infractions ... such as speeding on our artificially reduced 30 MPH roads (c'mon, why can they drive 45 on these same types of roads in Texas -- and here in suburban NY ... 30??) The traffic courts are FULL every night, thousands $$ churned, as arrogant prosecutors (local lawyers filling their pockets on taxpayers' $$$ for a couple of nights a week) make the 'grand offer' ... wait for it .... wait ... yes, a '1201c Parking on Pavement, no points maam ... that'll be $150.00 thank you ... NEXT!' And so now we, the so-called 'right' or 'conservative' middle class ... are less and less disposed to look upon the police favorably ... not when they harass us on the roads, serve at the whim of politicians to TAX US ... and so arrogant. Rude. Our wives, our daughters ... treated RUDELY. So now we see a man put in a chokehold and killed ... and these same politicians put the POLICE FIRST ... where exactly does that put WE THE PEOPLE? Black, white ... it puts us LAST .. and UNDER THEIR THUMBS.
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