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See today's articles on the comments of leftist nutjob Cornel West, calling his former messiah a "counterfeit"...
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Facts vs. Visions

Erwin44 Wrote: Aug 26, 2014 9:01 AM
'If you want to find a role model, look for a teacher' -- paraphrasing B.O. Wrong, teachers are fine, ok, some of them. But in my experience their ranks are also staffed with lots of dead wood on the drug known as "tenure". In any case, Obama's statement bypasses the role of parents ... perhaps a tacit admission that the population he aimed the phrase at ... is wholly lacking effective parents, and in many cases, 50% of the team known as 'mother and father' ... My point is that public policies that undermine families ... undermine children ... many of whom come of age only to spend their adult years incarcerated. I post this here in agreement with the 'solution' post -- preceding this Reply. Militarizing the police, every small town a SWAT team ... is creating a mindset ... moving those tasked to serve and protect into becoming a heavily-armed occupying force. I think the events in MO have some uncomfortable with the appearance of this force ... bearing arms aimed at citizens ...
Perhaps, we should ask, 'what roles do we NOT want for our police officers': 1. Not paper Moms in minivans and teenage girls with minor traffic tickets to meet local $$ quotas (aka, 'the 1201c industry' in NY traffic courts) -- while allowing illegals to be picked up and dropped off ... illegally ... in the same line-orf-sight of said 'enforcement' activity. 2. Not stop and frisk young men that are not committing any crime and are only targeting because of the race. 3. Not to get any more military training, SWAT teams in the suburbs, nor armored cars and other equipment that militarizes the mindset of the police officer. 4. Not to be the puppets of a government that would have them serve as a occupying force in our midst. 5. Not to give out 'get out of jail free cards' to friends, families and the cronies while EVERYONE ELSE has to pay the freight of $$-induced over 'enforcement' (see '1' above). 6. To enforce the law fairly and equitably, not prone to 'affluenza', or allowing one favored group (e.g., illegals and those that exploit their labor breaking local ordinances in the process) to be ignored while others (easy, low hanging fruit ticket targets ... see 'Moms in minivans; out of town plates -- likely to pay [or in NY accept a 1201c and pony up $150.00]) are heavily 'enforced' against. The above activities foster a view that the police are corrupt, an arm of 'the man', dishonest. And when top law enforcement officials end up BEING criminals (albeit, unindicted ones, funny that) ... more so this effect. I have nothing against police officers, know my share, Dad was a police chief in another time. The United States does not need Storm Troopers ... or do the powers that be think otherwise??
This goes back some years, treating acts of war and terrorism in the same vein as common crimes. Avenger squads hunted down former Nazis that the world failed to 'bring to justice'. Sure, all of the states involved had their justifications, Cold War rationales, and so on. But the blood of the innocent cried out for justice, and at times and places the public will never know or fully know, it was meted out. And it was right.
Do you trust the top law enforcement official of the land, Eric Holder? Should New Yorkers have trusted our former law enforcement offiical, Eliot Spitzer -- in retrospect? Was Spitzer corrupt in one instance, or through and through? How did Rudi keep it under wraps that his old man was in stir in Sing Sing - for all those years when HE was our top law enforcement official? Do you trust Eric Holder?
How can you be down on the burgeoning government sector, whether you consider it creeping facism or not - and automatically be 'for' any action by the police? When do the police become an arm of the growing government sector, increasingly militarized, and view themselves as an occupying force? Why more SWAT? Why more armored cars by suburban police forces?
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Hillary's Delphic Politics

Erwin44 Wrote: Aug 20, 2014 6:10 PM
We are in the throes of a kakistocracy ... Hilary is a natural to call 'next' or 'mine!'
Even the serial rapist Clinton lobbed a missile once in a while at our enemies, even though he let Obama slip away time and again ... until it was too late.
Look, the 'optics' are awful, couldn't be worse. Obama makes a lame statement about this murder by the terrorists HIS lack of foreign policy allowed to re-assert themselves -- the we see him with his leering rictus grin on the golf course in tony Martha's Vineyard. Pulling ALL American forces out of Iraq as a publicity stunt -- when we have boots on the ground since WW 2, Korean War elsewhere -- was and is a contributing factor to the death of this young journalist. There will be more death and economic harm due to Obama's publicity stunt .. aka 'foreign policy'.
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World Under the Gun

Erwin44 Wrote: Aug 19, 2014 12:08 PM
Street crime (and unemployment) were reportedly low in Nazi Germany. It was the State that served as the chief criminal entity. Look, as a New Yorker, the program known as "Stop and Frisk", in addition to the increase of SWAT teams, provision of armored vehicles in small police forces ... smacks of a psychological shift by the police: from 'serve and protect' to occupying force. Stop -- right there at your keyboard -- my father was a Police Chief in a large town ... in another time.
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