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A Bridge Too Far-Fetched

Erwin44 Wrote: Feb 05, 2014 8:23 PM
Look, I don't see why Christie "deserves" anything. >> No one is more responsible, certainly no one self-described as a "Republican", for getting Obama a second term. First there was the odd 'keynote speech' at the convention, where to all eyes and ears it was CHRISTIE that was running for president. Sad, selfish, massive fail. >> Then came the Hurricane Sandy thing, where Christie was played like a fiddle (or should I say a bass) by Obama and his people. C'mon, even hardened, self-insterested lefties like Bloomberg and Cuomo didn't feel the need to suck up to Obama to stay in the limelight. >> And finally, in a matter of a few years, Christie will be the butt of a joke, the only one that can claim to be THE MAN THAT GOT OBAMA ELECTED (by commission) and HILARY ELECTED (by omission, i.e., taking himself out of the race). So no, Ann. I like your columns, they are better than your TV appearances by all means >> BUT Christie needs to be expunged. Or better yet, just get it over with and switch parties and 'out' himself as a Democrat. He seems to operate like one, doesn't he?
Look, as long as bureaucrats from the federal to the local levels keep looking to 'teachers' to solve problems in education ... there will be great expenditures. Sinecures. And tenure. The white elephant in the room is the dissolution of the nuclear family in the United States. The educrats dare not mention that issue -- but it is THE reason for the failure of their institution.
Talking about problems, issues, is equated with solving them in the netherworld of our current administration. PR = truth. Sound bites over sound governing.
"He has committed to elevating the discourse going forward." As for this, like government, rarely are those that create the problem to be counted on to solve the problem. Bashir became famous by exploiting a drug-addicted Michael Jackson. From that low point in his 'career', Bashir has moved downward to his new low point. Based on the trajectory of his life and career ... Bashir can be counted on to set a new, lowest low as long as he is allowed to remain on air. And he will remain on air.
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Obamacare's Authoritarian Problem

Erwin44 Wrote: Nov 01, 2013 12:45 PM
I own a small business about to start its 3rd decade of operation. Married, three kids, all currently in college. My business provides health coverage from Oxford, a top company. Those are my facts. Ok, here is where Obamacare puts my company and my family: -- Premiums have been going up every year since O-care passed; we'll be seeing them doubled at the next increase, overall unless our carrier drops us -- but more likely we'll see them go through the roof to cover all the mandated and un-needed things like eyewear (don't wear glasses), prescription coverage (we pay these out of pocket) and dental (we have a separate plan the controls costs and again, we pay these out of pocket). -- We are a small, privately-owned corporation and thus do not have any 'big company' or 'the school' where we work to pick up the tab. For our family, monthly premiums are almost $1,700.00 per month. We have a reasonable co-pay, $35.00 per visit, $300.00 for hospital stay, and so on. Do not need a referral to see a specialist in network. -- We have great doctors, hospital, and a 20+ year relationship with our general practitioner, just as important if not more so than having a good, longstanding relationship with your lawyer, accountant, auto mechanic. Vital to a successful life. Same for a great surgeon, orthopedist, and foot/ankle guy. -- If O-care rips us from our coverage, much of the garbage available via the "exchange" in our state will not be accepted by our medical service providers. Destroying those relationships, vital to the health of my family. I have zero control over whether our coverage 'meets' the ACA thresholds. So now we sit and wait, have a call in to our health insurance broker.... we wait on government. Did I mention, we manufacture 100% in the USA? Create and keep jobs here? Put kids through college without loans? Buy stocks and other investment vehicles? Give weekly at church and to our chosen corporate charities? Obamacare is a serious problem and no one seems to have an answer for me. I have a wife and three kids that depend on me ... and resent the sheeeet out of being forced to be beholden to government in this part of my life....
Look, W. Bush, Clinton, and now Obama have all had a significant hand in the disastrous economic realities that plague us and threaten our children. Obama has 'doubled down' on the worst of the policies that have seen: -- Offshoring of service jobs (e.g., software coding) -- Elimination of manufacturing jobs -- Cronyism, Bailouts, and other kowtowing the a Wall Street that is killing the middle class while servicing their shareholders, and the personal wealth of insiders, CEOs, etc. -- over all others including employees -- The expansion of the 'intern' class ... aka unpaid young labor -- The expansion of the role of the Federal Government in our lives, and asserted over State Government -- Poorly executed wars that still see our young people on foot, and driving 'soft-skinned' vehicles in harm's way, while fighting a 20th Century version of war, and losing life and limb in the process >> and in the absence of coherent policy, armored personnel carriers (i.e., the Hummer with a few field-installed sandbags and exposing a crewman in a .50-caliber mount is not like having everyone that leaves the base --- and walks/drives in a 'valley of death' .... in a Bradley Fighting Vehicle (iteself out-dated technology but you get my point). -- Obamacare, the job-killer stripping young and old of fulltime employment I could go on. In the above bullet points, Clinton bad, W. Bush bad, Obama worse.
Since this administration 'doubles down' on lies and mistakes, an ill-conceived attack and escalation in Syria would seem the obvious next step. The disasters in Libya and Egypt need a third act to be considered a 'hat trick' of failed foreign policy and the nuts in our government, e.g., Pelosi, are apparently pushing for more action. There is already more than enough material to fill many books, the subject matter including Obama's hypocrisy regarding war(s). We are beyond head scratching. Is there a plan here...???
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11 Liberal Rules for Racism in America

Erwin44 Wrote: Aug 13, 2013 11:52 AM
Look, if the government's agenda was for us all to love one another, it is not working. Seeds of hatred are being sown by race hucksters, including the likes of Holder. If the government's agenda was to lift our African American citizens out of poverty, it is not working. The last few non partisan sources, e.g., the Census, speak to a worsening experience, increased poverty and fatherless children. Let's just stick to the facts about what is and what is not working, as we attempt a 'national conversation' about things that matter. Right now it looks like a combination of manipulation and apathy, not exactly a mix that is destined to make real changes.
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Are We Serious About Education?

Erwin44 Wrote: Aug 13, 2013 11:43 AM
You are damn right we're 'serious'! The high school in my school district has 8 gym teachers, each making 100 large a year.
If our nation is sliding into 'art as life' ... aka we will all be living the plot of 'Idiocracy' ... Biden will make a perfect president. And look at the collateral effects a Biden presidency will have: -- Bush will be viewed in awe as the equal of Albert Einstein; -- Obama will be shamed as a bad liar; -- 'I am not just the president of the Hair Club for Men, I am a client' Sy Sperling will be a household name for reasons beyond his relentless ad campaign that obviously snagged client Biden; -- Some say Youtube is 'killing standup' ... the genre will be revived with a vengeance during a Biden presidency; -- Any crimes and malfeasance committed by the Biden family and cronies in their captive state of Delaware will finally come to light and there will be multiple prosecutions resulting during a Biden reign over our nation's capitol; -- Liberals and leftists may form their own party or take part in the political process in diminished numbers; -- Syracuse University will up its costs to $100K a year; Chinese nationals will still gladly pay to send their kids there; -- The Clintons will relentlessly work against Biden while posing as his friends.
Blah-blah-blah. Baby in womb has no "choice". Just death.
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