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It's only going to work if ALL the gunowners refuse to co-operate. But we know some are going to simply not get the notion here. They have their hunting rifle and don't see the reason for a self-defense weapon. Then there will be those who have their 10 round 9mm semi-auto for home defense and don't see a reason to own an AR. Some won't get the point that banning a 30 round magazine will never stop the bad guys from possessing the item...never mind that the good guy will not be using one in a criminal manner. This whole thing is insane. They aren't going after the violent criminal, they are going after the lawful.......and making sure the sheeple here the words "I made you safer with a "Safe Act", even as the bad guys load their 17 round magazine and stuff a gun in their pants. This act is the cowardly way to appear concerned for safety. It's so much easier to go after those who will tend to obey a law rather than confront those who will never obey the law. If registration works, why not just register criminals? Make sure we always know where they live, how many live there and their respective size/shape/color and capacity(for violence acts). Lets take it a step further. If gun bans work, lets just ban criminals.
"Safe Act" What is safe about an unarmed victim? Oh yeah....the criminal is safe. Oh good, cause I was really worried about the physical safety of violent criminals. It seems to me that if the government wants it's citizens safe they need to begin keeping violent offenders locked up. No plea deals, no time off for good behavior (BTW, how hard is it to behave when watched 24/7??) and sentences of decades instead of a few month to a couple of years. My gun is not the threat to public safety, the violent criminals are the threat. And I wonder, will those criminals be registering their weapons? Boy I sure hope so, I'd hate to see them in trouble for an unregistered gun when they shoot my loved one. Who thinks this stupid stuff up??? Did they hire someone JUST to come up with bad ideas they can pass off as logical and productive?
You do it your way, he'll do it his way. But a 1/4 ounce of gold is going to get you alot more gasoline than 500 rounds of 5.56. And it's a lot easier to carry. Need to bug out a few hundred miles? You're not carrying 50000 rounds, half a ton of food, medical supplies, a few firearms, clothing, tools, sanitation (water, body, waste, etc), cooking equipment&fuel, gasoline and the family. If those items are not in place at your bugout location you better have something to barter with. Unless you're traveling in a pack most people will be robbed of most of that stuff before they get 50 miles from home. Light and fast is going to beat heavy and slow. But to each their own. Me, I'm bugging in. I'm the bug out destination for my family. I have the stuff, they just need to bring the gold. Light and fast.
Fortunately it is a self-sustaining industry. Ammo is a consumable product so that'll never need a bailout. And firearm owners would be supportive to a company going under, if that company isn't producing a junk product and isn't the cause of it's own failure ala AIG, BoA, GM.
Bingo! Even if you have lots of friends/family who can teach you, for the most reliable instructions go to a basic class such as the NRA based classes. I've been shooting for 47 of my 55 years. I've taught dozens to shoot. I still recommend a basic class. This is the best way to know you have the right basics. I could be teaching a flawed method and the newbie would never know. For those considering purchasing a firearm for the first time, if the shop has a range, see if you can make a package deal. Gun, holster, ammo, storage (safe) and lessons. You're going to need all those items anyway, why not throw in a few more bucks for legitimate class time too? The difference between a catastrophic event (bad shot, accidental discharge, neglegent discharge, injuries, death) and nothing is often just a 4 hour class away. With the right to Keep and Bear comes a responsibility to use the right properly. If money is tight forgo the top of the line FN and settle for a S&W VE so you can purchase the right basic lessons.
Ummm..what? How is asking family and friends not seeking advice?? Not sure where you live but the last three states I lived in did not require an FOID, Firearm Owner Identification card. Most state do not require this useless step. It does nothing to stop bad guys at all....they don't purchase for shops. It makes money for the state AND causes the state to know who owns what. I don't know about you but I don't want the government having any idea what I own, it's none of their business.
Google your state and "firearm laws". Contact your state represenative's office for a copy of laws. Contact your Sheriff's Office for a copy of laws. Do something besides complain because no one hand delivered the information. "...they won't tell you." Right. It's a big conspiracy to hide the laws. Geez man, get off your butt and look them up!
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You Say You Want a Revolution

ErSwnn Wrote: Oct 28, 2013 9:28 PM
Ok...so where is the call to revolution the title implies? Stats? We have stats. Now we need the catalyst. We need Common Sense, we need another Delaration of Something. I know, easier said than dome and even easier to armchair disatisfaction with the stagnant revolutionary fervor. But I suppose so long as so many are captive to the rhetoric of present governing, fear losing the status quo, and are willing for forgo freedom for false security no battles, upon field or floor will avail itself. But when the day comes we run out of money, foreign markets dissolve and social unrest becomes the norm more will be willing to pick up the fight. When finally comes the day when the overbearing of government goes too far and no program exists to calm the masses an eruption is sure to follow.
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