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GOP Convention

erniel58 Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 5:54 PM
The GOP can live on as a minority party but will never again win the presidency or Senate while being run like a country club. The shameful thuggery toward the Liberty Wing at the national convention should make us all ask what is so objectionable about Ron Paul's values that it was necessary to change the rules to freeze out his followers and anyone like them in the future. 23% of Americans self-identify as libertarian yet the Republican establishment felt that "unity" through exclusion was better than unity through inclusion.
Any change requires pain. Whatever we are doing now is easy (we think) compared to change, whatever it may be. Changing is hard. It requires us to think anew, to change our habits, our processes, our language. It's venturing out into the unknown. Without a compelling reason, people will stay the same and not change.

People begin to change only when the pain of what they are doing becomes more painful than the pain of change.

Republicans -- it is time for change.

The election last week was painful -- at least for me, a lifetime conservative.