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Uh; I may lack economics education beyond Econ 201 in college but if you create $3 Trillion more of something, shouldn't the value of those somethings decrease?
Hmm; a Libertarian advises Romney how to win?? He supports the NDAA, Patriot Act, wars (drugs & foreign occupation). His plans expand the debt by $500 billion. He said,"Cutting government spending in the current recession would hurt the recovery." --clearly Keynesian. Advise him on this first. Also; the Rubio=Hispanic vote gambit is nonsense. Though the're 16% of the population, 2/3 of the "Hispanic" voters are Mexicans who are indifferent to Cuban Rubio. Most of the few who vote are Democrats. A smart VP pick would be a guy who could deliver the huge swing vote of fiscal-conservative-social-liberals. 39% GOP & 41% Dems means the winner's the one who gets this 20% libertarian "middle". Bonus: Ron Paul brings the youth vote too!
You are all aware, right, that Romney has only 501 locked delegates? Or that Rule 38 and Federal law say that no delegate shall be bound? Or that at least 200 "Romney delegates" say they will vote for Dr. Paul at the convention? Or that more than half of the states have yet to choose their delegates? Are you taking this dog and pony media show seriously? It's a publicity stunt. Anything can happen at the convention. Warren Harding had 6% going in and was nominated and elected in a landslide. Romney policies add hlaf a Trillion to the US debt which was already sucking us into default. And that's without his planned war in Iran. I urge you to keep questioning this spoon fed infomercial material in the pop press.
No need to choose. Default will also lead to hyperinflation.
In brief; the stated policies of Romney and Obama both, according to neutral sources, will increase spending and inflation. Romney will add 1/2 Trillion to the debt and Obama closer to 4 Trillion (ignoring healthcare cost increases). If either of their pro-war cadres add a conflict in Iran or elsewhere, this will increase the debt a further $4 Trillion (at the same cost per year as the Iraq war). The thing is; we were already desperately broke at the old rate of spending. Either Romney or Obama will tip the balance and send us into a global fiscal crisis from which there can be no bailout. It's Ron Paul or planet-wide hyperinflation and starvation. Soon.
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erniel58 Wrote: Apr 26, 2012 10:24 PM
You are mistaken Mr. Galen. The delegate count to win the nomination is a minimum of 1144, not 1440. All of your math is therefore incorrect by 296 delegates. Also, the totals that you cite are based on assigning all delegates from a state "won" to candidates based on their % of the straw poll vote. (meaningless in all but 2-3 states) Actual choosing is by caucuses or more complex processes. Most state conventions won't be til May-July. Even then, most states send "unbound" delegates who can vote as they please. In reality there are only a few delegates that are "bound" by state party rules to vote for particular candidates. They are only locked in for the 1st round of balloting. Romney & Ron Paul are tied for this nomination
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