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"... moral vacuum that is the current Democratic Party..." And that right there is the most accurate and succinct description of the DNC I have ever heard. Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Holder, Schumer, Debbie What's-Her-Name Schultz, Bill and Hillary Clinton and all of their friends in the liberal media are complicit in the greatest fraud against the American people. They have demonstrated themselves to be the most immoral and unethical cabal of criminals, rapists and thieves in US history. It turns my stomach that these people expect us to refer to them as honorable. They are despicable and disgusting and should be dragged into the streets kicking and screaming as they are strung up by their heels from the nearest tree or lamppost.
"We nag you because we love you." That sounds strangely familiar. My gold-digging, bat-shite crazy ex-wife said the same thing 2 weeks before the police told me she had been arrested for solicitation of murder. It was later determined in court that she sought out an assassin to kill me because I refused to eat the drug-laced breakfast she prepared every day before I went to work. Moochelle is just an angry woman, married to a closet homosexual, looking for some control over other people because she can't control her own life. She is as worthless and pathological as the turd she refers to as her husband.
"Wilson Cruz...' Phil and his family claim to be Christian, but Phil’s lies about an entire community fly in the face of what true Christians believe.'" Now that's hilarious. A pervert and apostate (Wilson) trying to tell me what a "true Christian" believes. What a maroon. FYI...Wilson, I'm a true Christian and agree entirely with what Phil Robertson said, so go back to your gay bath house and keep your mouth shut because we don't give Shiite about your gay opinion.
Dear Mr. Ratigan, you may have lost your catastrophic insurance, but look on the bright side, the USA finally elected a black man (that lies every time he opens his mouth) as POTUS just like you wanted. Still think it was worth it?
More progressive insanity on display from a union leader. Typical. What a pathetic little toad.
And just imagine how much more brazen they will become after they disarm us. They know damn good and well that when everything falls apart, we will be storming their strongholds and gated communities to reclaim what they stole from us (hard working taxpayers ) and exact some good old fashioned payback.
"... the Administration routinely uses intimidation, misdirection, and outright lies to hide what it actually is doing." Just because it's taken Bob Woodward this long to figure out that Barry and his administration are a cabal of corrupt fascist criminals, doesn't mean the rest of us didn't already know it. Journalists are some of the dumbest people on the planet.
Not Michael Moriarity. If memory serves correctly, he left the show because he couldn't stomach the liberal slant of the scripts.
This is the tried and true method of regaining notoriety in Hollywood when your career is lagging or you just need some attention. If this doesn't help his career, he'll "come out of the closet" next week.
Only if he was a gay black man that snorted cocaine in the back of limousine while a male prostitute bounced his nut sack on his forehead.
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