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She had it right; sleeping through obama's diatribes is the only way to go. Another wine, please.
Bad, bad, bad; everything I have to say about the Great Impostor is bad. If he would just disappear, that would be good, good good.
The only vote Hitlery would ever get from is for her indictment on charges of treason and dereliction of duty. Fauxcahontas is nothing more than a far left liberal loon waiting to bring more years of financial and social disaster on the nation. She is a sick joke.
Burke preference for work in the public sector probably stems from the fact that she never has to worry about the bottom line there. After all, in government she only spends money which the taxpayers pony up, or else, and promises a piece of the pie to anyone who will vote for her. The only deadlines that must be met are elections, there is no real product other than promises and hot air so no wonder she prefers to work their. She must be really desperate to have had obama come and stump for her, although it might not have been a good idea. I mean after all, what could possibly go wrong with one incompetent out stumping for another? Not exactly awe inspiring.
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Blame Donald Sterling for the Economy

Ernest H. Wrote: May 01, 2014 10:43 AM
It's never the obama administration's fault. It's always something or someone else i.e., Polar Bears, the weather, sun spots, white racism, the earth shifting a micron on its axis, and most notably, George Bush's fault, his having been out of office for over six years notwithstanding. And of course the lapdog MSM dutifully reports and dwells on whatever talking points are directed by the WH and uses distractions like Sterling to keep us from hearing and seeing the truth about what obama and his thugs are doing to our economy, military, personal freedoms, and our standing in the world community. This gang of Progressive Fascists have put us in the position of not being able to defend our interest at home and abroad. It is why Putin and China have become so bold. They know we are not in a position to do anything. Obama has economically put us where the Soviet Union was before its dissolution.
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Reassure the Poles? Send Biden!

Ernest H. Wrote: Mar 22, 2014 6:59 PM
obama's sending Joe Bite Me to Poland is rich. I visualize it more like Ernest goes to Poland as directed by Barney Fife.
Reid is projecting his and obama's lies onto those harmed by the UCA that are willing to talk about it by calling them liars. He should be called out to all who can reach his office and told in no uncertain terms that he is equally responsible for this out of control administration that is rife with scandal, cover ups, and lies.
Bratty Wassermann Schultz, make that the lying bratty Wassermann Schultz.
Outraged! Outraged, I tell you! now obama's drawn his imaginary line in the sand as if any foreign leader is actually concerned about anything he says. He has put our foreign policy directly into the toilet.
obama is a small man who hates his own country and is doing is level best to tear it down. There is nothing heroic about him. He is the number one "Enemy Of The State" and in my opinion is guilty of dereliction of duty and treason, both actionable crimes that have serious penalties. We all know though, that obama's and Jarrett's key player, the racist and fascist AG Eric Holder, will not lift a finger to investigate his boss. If obama continues to operate outside the bounds of the Constitution, I'm seriously doubting that their will be a General Election in 2016. He is already operating as an oligarch moving rapidly to dictatorship.
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