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Reassure the Poles? Send Biden!

Ernest H. Wrote: Mar 22, 2014 6:59 PM
obama's sending Joe Bite Me to Poland is rich. I visualize it more like Ernest goes to Poland as directed by Barney Fife.
Reid is projecting his and obama's lies onto those harmed by the UCA that are willing to talk about it by calling them liars. He should be called out to all who can reach his office and told in no uncertain terms that he is equally responsible for this out of control administration that is rife with scandal, cover ups, and lies.
Bratty Wassermann Schultz, make that the lying bratty Wassermann Schultz.
Outraged! Outraged, I tell you! now obama's drawn his imaginary line in the sand as if any foreign leader is actually concerned about anything he says. He has put our foreign policy directly into the toilet.
obama is a small man who hates his own country and is doing is level best to tear it down. There is nothing heroic about him. He is the number one "Enemy Of The State" and in my opinion is guilty of dereliction of duty and treason, both actionable crimes that have serious penalties. We all know though, that obama's and Jarrett's key player, the racist and fascist AG Eric Holder, will not lift a finger to investigate his boss. If obama continues to operate outside the bounds of the Constitution, I'm seriously doubting that their will be a General Election in 2016. He is already operating as an oligarch moving rapidly to dictatorship.
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Is Obama Defeated?

Ernest H. Wrote: Jan 22, 2014 9:22 AM
I agree, obama not defeated. He is still President and will continue to take a wrecking ball to our economy and military as well as continuing to marginalize Congress and the Supremes. He is essentially ruling as an oligarch with nary a peep from our gutless wonders known as Congress. Congressmen/women as individuals, are so engrossed in maintaining their own power, perks, and privilege that they don't see what ineffective buffoons they've become.
I live upstate. Hey, wealthy Manhattanites, I own a snow shovel and know how to use it. You may not be able to clear your streets but you can get your butts outside an help clear the walks. Or do you pay your doorman to do it?
In this guy's case, the capital D isn't for DeLeon but for Dope as in dumb.
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Artificial stupidity

Ernest H. Wrote: Jan 14, 2014 1:37 PM
One again, Dr. Sowell is on the mark with this article.
Additionally, I think that the rosy economy numbers hide the fact that the improved economy isn't make it's way to main street and Joe Lunchbucket. The improvement in GDP is fueled primarily by stock market gains which is driven by the next to free money available to institutional investors and big banks. Most Americans, at least the ones that still have jobs, are trying to figure out if they will still have them six months from now and the ones that don't have jobs, are harboring their resources until they find jobs or just give up. I think most of us are sitting on our wallets until we see how much more destruction this administration intends to wreak upon the economy. I truly believe obama, ever the Alinskyite Marxist, intends to bring us to a total Depression, civil unrest, and his ever sought after Martial Law where he will have total dictatorial powers. We are near the point now where we are subjects as opposed to citizens thanks to a worthless Congress and complicit MSM. The two political parties are more worried about which party is in power rather than about the character of the fraud that is seizing power from them. I want to see the expression on their faces when they realize that neither party has any power because it as been subsumed by the President.
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