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Charlie Crist the Next DWS?

Ernest H. Wrote: Dec 11, 2012 11:29 AM
During the Korean or Viet Nam wars Charlie Crist would have been known as a collaborator. We are only talking about political warfare here, so what he does can't be construed as treason. But can he be trusted? He wants to be a nice guy and now joins the give-away party led by a fraud President whose primary objectives are destroying the United States as a world class military & economic power. He is dividing the country by race, ethnicity, economics, education, immigration and tax policies, and by using antagonistic rhetoric. Crist joins the party that is telling the GOP that if you don't let us overspend by twice what is prudent, we'll overspend by triple, take it or leave it. I hope he still feels like a nice guy. Bully!

Former Republican Florida Governor Charlie Crist, who officially became a Democrat over the weekend, basically told MSNBC's Chris Matthews last night that he's willing to be his new party's political hack, regardless of what the specific issue is. Crist also did his best to bring down Ronald Reagan's conservative credentials in order to justify his political switch and new role as a mouth piece.