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Whew! Badd week for Republicons!!: Supreme Court Decision On Arizona's Immigration Law Provides Strong Support For Obama's Immigration Order Supreme Court Upholds Individual Mandate In Obamacare, Paving The Way For Full Implementation Of The Law GOP Votes for Contempt as "Fast and Furious" Blows Up in Its Face
The ATF agent whistleblower from Fortune Mag interview yesterday says its the NRA's and RepubliCons fault. Arizona's gun laws were way too lax letting anybody buy guns and send them to Mexico.
Intrade says Obama 54% -sorry-theyre always right.
Ling a ling a ding ding dude!
I got an idea for you TBaggers-instead of having to buy mandated insurance, save that money to move to Canada where you dont HAVE to buy health insurance!! Wow! Problem solved. Your Welcome.
So where's your proof -give us some real verifiable numbers 348. Pfft.
Hit the floor and give me 20 Private!
Tbaggers dont even have a clue why they hate Obamacare other than its Romneys idea. And Rush tells them to be mad.
What a joke this Inspector Clousseau Congress is.
Teabaggers --Id move to Canada if I were you.
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