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Armed Guard Saves School Last Week (Gun Control Freaks Wrong Again)?

ericynot Wrote: Feb 03, 2013 4:54 PM
Larry, Ha! My liberal bubble? In Texas? You gotta be joking. Got two brothers, both Republican (I'm Independent). I worked for years in the construction biz. My 91 year old dad proudly displays a pic of himself and one of my brothers taken with GW Bush in Bush's office here in Dallas a couple of years ago. Dad also (through his WWII participation in UDT, predecessor to SEAL) knew Chris Kyle. Let's just say I hang out with a lot more people who lean right than lean left. And if I were in the bubble you hypothesize, I wouldn't spend almost all of my blog time on TH would I?

Vice President Biden unfurled his genius during a Google+ “fireside” hangout last month stating that having “armed guards in schools would be a terrible mistake.”

Really, José? Why don’t you rock up to Price Middle School in Atlanta on Monday morning and bray that insanity to the teachers and students who were spared an early grave because an armed guard took out the latest Lanza wannabe before he could waylay his peers?

Oh, I’m sorry. Y’all haven’t heard about the armed guard taking down a shooter who passed his gun through the metal detectors at an Atlanta...