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Erogenous Zones No Longer on Display

erick24 Wrote: Mar 28, 2013 9:42 AM
Excellent point Paul. Ultimately, we know who is behind the "sexual revolution," he is the father of lies and seeks the destruction of man. Those who deny his existence are most likely to come under his influence.

Just last week, I was commiserating with other moms of middle-school teenage girls about the lack of appealing clothing available to teenage girls and the appalling state of girl teenage fashion today.

You can find a few decent outfits, (cute but not risque), but they are few and far between. Once a girl outgrows Laura Ashley's offerings, she can find little more from mass merchandisers than clothes that appear to have been designed for young, tacky sex kittens -- clothes that my mother would not have let me wear to college, much less to middle school.

According to Suzy Menkes,...