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Who is Jim Carry?
Kind of reminds me of the current occupier of the white house.
If the purpose was to "promote thoughtfulness" why not study the martyrs? Or all the hospitals, universities, and orphanages started by Christians? Did you know practically all of the big universities were started by Christians? But no, small minded "professors" must denigrate to feel powerful.
Then why was the student suspended?
More drivel from the "academic" looney left.
Re-defining marriage will only hasten the judgement that is already on this country.
Good luck with that Stu. But the writing is already on the wall, and it ain't good. Toying with God's covenant between a man and woman cannot end well for this country
History shows that once a society accepts illicit and deviant sex as well as the killing of it's young, the fall of that society is imminent.
In 2004 the Mass. Supreme Court " discovers" that the state's 1780 Constitution required recognition of same sex marriage." Poppycock! If the writers who most likely were Bible believing men wanted to redefine marriage they would have done so. This latest foray into social experimentation will cause more problems than can be imagined now. And this blasphemy together with the legalization of the murder of the unborn will ultimately bring the wrath of God on this country.
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What I Saw in Israel

erick24 Wrote: Mar 18, 2013 1:14 PM
I recently watched "Schindler's List " for the first time. It brought home the importance of standing up for gun ownership for law abiding people. Without them we all have the potential of becoming sheep for the slaughter. See documentary: "Innocents Betrayed" free online.
"Educated" is a very subjective term nowadays.
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