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Might I add that after the war was over Lincoln , when faced with retaining the enormous amount of power that he had garnered through the suspension of a lot of rights and privileges, abdicated them back to the states without a second thought. Yes Lincoln kind of hamfisted the constitution in the midst of civil war but he did what he needed to save the union. Rodman you are an idiot and need to go back to school.
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Bad Inventions

ERICHBRITTON Wrote: Jan 03, 2013 8:42 AM
I love the delayed start feature on my dishwasher it runs late at night when I could care less about how loud it might be. My kids got past the age of needing the ringer off phone function about the time they stopped making it easy to do, so I never noticed the change. About that same time we got rid of the land line entirely to save money. When ever there is an option between hand dyers and paper towels I take paper every time. I think Chicago O'Hare wins the award for having the most annoying bathrooms. They have all that was mentioned above plus those tiny closet like toilet stalls and those tiny toilets with those automatic seat cover things.
I am part of the 47% that does not pay federal income tax. I agree with Romney's statement. There are a lot of drones out there that can't see past all the handouts they and others get from the federal nanny and they think it's all free. I like any other law abiding citizen take full advantage of the current tax laws and am able to itemize my way down to a zero tax rate. I would not object to a change that eliminated such an idea. Nobody should have a zero tax rate. the minimum should be 1%. Obama said everyone is going to have skin in the game early on. A minimum 1% tax barely even amounts to the dead stuff that sheds off at night when you sleep.
The Odumer & Bidumer campaign think this is going to be a close election when all the votes are counted. So their tactic is to go after as much of that fringe, uninformed, entitlement minded, racially motivated, sexually confused, and all those afflicted with liberal white guilt. If they can drum another two or three percent by further gleaning these voter rolls they just might pull of another victory. With that in mind we need to get all of those opposed to this current socialist dictator out and not just motivated to vote but to bring one or two others with them. History has proven multiple times that there are millions more conservative voters than there are liberals. Lets prove it again this November!!
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Vulgarians On The Loose!

ERICHBRITTON Wrote: Jun 21, 2012 9:25 AM
I like the how you have changed the terminology. It's no longer "Abortion" it's "Reproductive Services" or "Reproductive Choice". Does all this softer sounding language make you feel better about the fact that you are in support of tearing a living human being to pieces and sucking the little body parts out through a hose. How about we use terms like "Baby Shredding Services" or "Killing Kids in the Name of Convenience." Lets call it what it really is.
Now this is the Ann Coulter I remember.
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Deport the GOP Establishment

ERICHBRITTON Wrote: May 03, 2012 12:13 PM
How about we just enforce every immigration law already on the books. Make this country virtually impossible to live in if you are not supposed to be here. No governement handouts, no jobs, no drivers license, nothing. Mexico does it to those who don't belong in that country.
Alright Ann now that Mr Etcha Sketch is going to be our nominee I guess we need to start finding some common ground that we can agree on to help support this guy if we want to guarantee a victory in November. So you have found something that I can get behind him on. I have long been a believer that we do not need a fence on our southern boarder to cut down on the illegal immigration. We don't need any new laws either. We just need to enforce all of our existing laws in employment, transportation, health and human services, and banking. Make this country virtually impossible to survive in financially, and logistically if you are here illegally. Mexico does.
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Fighting the Last War

ERICHBRITTON Wrote: Apr 12, 2012 9:25 AM
Ann you are quickly becoming irrelevant with your delusional rants about how Romney is a conservative. Your are no loner providing thought provoking commentary about the facts. You are now starting to sound like all the other journalistic hacks that will drone on endlessly in total disregard to reality. Romney is a liberal and when you put a liberal who is afraid to call himself a liberal up against one who is not, guess who wins. This will be 2008 all over again. As for fighting the last war. That has now moved to all those Congressional seats that are up for grabs this November. Our only hope to keep this nation from going over the edge into Utopian Socialism will be to take control of Congress and make Obama a do nothing President.
If you are ever in the Seattle area have a burger at http://www.ddir.com/. The founder is a big promoter of getting people involved in their local governments. His agenda is un-biased. He doesn't pick sides on issues, but he does help people voice their concerns to their local, county, and State politicians.
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