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Be careful what you wish for. Having certain elements of gov't knowing your exact location at all times can in no way be construed as a good thing. You of all people should understand that Ms. Hughes. Have you drifted away from your small gov't, Tea Party roots?
Sorry, but if you actually believe that, then you are no better than the muslims..... convert to our religion, or else! The answer is for everyone to mind their own business and leave others who are doing the same, alone.
INDEED! While the good book does say "thou shalt not kill (murder)" it DOES NOT say thou shalt not defend yourself and your loved ones. In fact it encourages this.
Ha ha...... Or, another thing he's wrong about.
Does the Iron Dome have one of those shoulder things that goes up?
Oh Sure.... Like the one who is the obama doesn't take every deduction available to him to reduce his tax bill. This gov't made these laws (or loopholes) than they bytch when people abide by them. The smartest guy in the room shouldn't have trouble figuring this out.
These fools act like they aren't making a profit every time they get paid. How much do you get paid? How much did it cost you to go to work? Subtract your cost from your pay...... Bingo, that's your profit you nasty capitalist you!
Bob Yes, we conservatives try to treat EVERYONE equally. I guess you see that as a problem. You won't find any Rs behind the names of KKK members. Look it up, it could be a teachable moment for you.
NO, he doesn't mean the libs are wrong.... He means the libs are LYING Big difference! Oh my Indeed!
Indeed! Look at how the woman prospered in spite of all the progressive's attempts to destroy her. Give her lemons and she'll bring you back some lemonade..... A TON of lemonade. She would be everything the one who is the obama is not. A president of and for the people.
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