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What Obama's Ferguson Sermon Left Out

oldguy52 Wrote: 14 hours ago (12:56 PM)
There you go. The blacks in Ferguson are doing their best to crawl right back into slavery but haven't the sense to figure that out.
Ha ha.... Indeed! I notice that 'ol barky gets paid quite handsomely. I wonder when he will figure out that high pay is another way of saying PROFIT.
I would have no problem with that if he were going to be living that long life on his own dime. Unfortunately you and I are going to keep him living high on the hog for as long for as long as he lives. In my mind, he hasn't earned such a fine retirement plan.
What is truly surprising is that he hasn't yet left us the way Lincoln did.
Yep, with the approval of a large majority of congress and most of the rest of the world's gov'ts at the time. Unlike The Won's recent unilateral actions (failures)
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Beheading the Religion of Pieces

oldguy52 Wrote: Nov 18, 2014 9:26 AM
Sure, and maybe you'd like to tell us all about all the atrocities the troops in those bases all over the world have committed. I haven't heard of any headless bodies laying around US bases due to US soldiers actions. Have you?
Exactly Specious, I said while Carter was running, his state is last or near last in the country in almost every measure. Now we expect him to do a great job of running our country? It really shouldn't have taken a rocket scientist to see that his presidential reign wasn't likely to end well.
I guess he's gonna' keep repeating it 'til you finally get it. Got it?
18 BILLION troops? Excuse me but that's more than the entire population.... of the world. As far as hanging out in Iraq.... agreed, don't go there, that is if you like your head where it is..... on your shoulders
4 words Basic Economics, Thomas Sowell.... Yeah, I know, I won't hold my breath while I wait
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