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Some random thoughts: 1. Can't someone get a court order to stop the President from doing this? 2. Why are they using planes? Wouldn't trains reduce the CO2 impact? 3. Since they are using military bases, is the VA providing the medical care? If so, do they go to the front of the line or do they get in line behind the veterans? 4. Are the illegal immigrants being issued identification or other official documents? 5. Are they being finger printed, getting a facial recognition scan, DNA, etc. so they can be correctly identified in the future? 6. Is the CDC involved with quarentining everyone who could be a potential carrier for these highly contagious and deadly infectious diseases? If not, why not? We don't want TB hitting the general population in a large way. 7. How in good concience can they release illegal immigrants into the general population if they have no where to live, are unable to legally be employeed, and have no means to sustain themselves? Aren't they just worsening the 'homeless' problem? 8. Why does this administration hate people so much?
Most of those organizations are financed by wealthy individuals. They are mostly just a sheepskin. Unions are the exception, except they don't really represent the voice of their members when it comes to politics. They are into self perpetuation and growth which in the case of public employee unions aligns nicely to the goals of the bureacracy and the politicians.
I assume that I am not speaking to criminals here on TownHall. So amassed wealth, and therefore influence, will have to be earned and not stolen. If this were a progressive website, then perhaps the stealing path would get more traction. Being a conservative website, I expect everyone to be more than happy to earn it.
Cathy, Peel back one more layer off that onion... The rich and powerful determine who gets on the ballot. The voters then get to decide which one they dislike the least. Either way, one of the 2 pre-determined people gets elected. We call this democracy. We're all just stooges. If you want real influence, stop earning wages. Become part of the owner class. Invent, build, sell, invest. Own the product of your labor. Amass real wealth. Only then can you become important enough to be included in the game.
Ann, Typically when I read your pieces, I sense a tone of mild disqust accompanied by some self satisfaction that you know you are making a great point and likely persuading people. This time, I'm sure you are angry and you'd like to take the left's words and shove them elbow deep down their collective throats. I hope I'm right. I hope your future articles continue with this tone, because I like it. It is about time someone did this to them. Thank you Ann.
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