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Good luck with the executive order action.... Now that they have Catholic Charities working as a contractor to deal with the "humanitarian crisis" of illegals, they'll be forced to comply with the contraceptive mandate as a federal contractor?
Why not force SNAP participants to only buy foods deemed acceptable by Michelle Obama for her school lunch program?...
Interesting that nobody bothered to mention Herman Cain, Larry Elder or James T Harris (who has had Katie Pavlich on several times...). Oh well.
Matthews wants to instill fear in the voters, and tell them how bad it will be under the Republicans? Meanwhile, just about everything that the Republicans said would happen HAS happened. The black community is already waking up and realizing that they're twice as likely to be unemployed as illegal aliens are. And that's happened under the Democrats watch.
USA! USA!.... Oh, wait.
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Correction: Abortion Lawsuit-NC story

Eric2939 Wrote: Jan 17, 2014 7:47 PM
This is a free speech issue, and yet when a a doctor or pharmacist of faith wants to exercise their free speech by referring a patient seeking abortion or Day After medication to another physician or pharmacist is considered unethical? This is free speech, and yet a baker or photographer not wanting to perform services for a same-sex ceremony is considered discrimination? What a messed up world we've become. Apparently free speech only matters when it's not faith based.
Yet another "let's ignore the Tenth Amendment" example from Phahroah... "Powers not granted to the federal government by the Constitution, nor prohibited to the States, are reserved to the States or the people." The Federal government doesn't have the right to marry individuals last time I checked.
With all the advances in technology, you'd think States would have figured out how to limit use of the debit cards to within 50 miles of the home zip code of the user. Just about every debit card issuer today has put some form of monitoring on their customers thanks to the breach at Target. One of my wife's card was suspended when they noticed purchases made out of state last week. Nothing pisses me off more than to stand in line at the Circle K or QuikTrip, and see someone pay for their mega-size soda, a couple of roller-heated hot dogs, and a pack of Twinkees with their state issued debit card, but apparently that qualifies as state sponsored nutrition. Chances are pretty high that they'll also hand over a crisp $20 for a pack of cigarettes, chewing tobacco, or a lottery ticket. Meanwhile, my son can't pack a lunch from home because it may not meet Michelle Obama's definition of nutrition. Go figure...
There's also Fred Grandy, Ben Stein, Fred Thompson, and Sonny Bono, all Republicans.... arguably, Stein was a politician turned actor, but he's still a well known voice for conservatism. Ventura ran as an Independent/Reform candidate, so you can't hold him against the conservative movement...
Was the article censored?...
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