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Hey, stick your co-workers sister... and go get a job!
Back in 1995 the Democrats lost control of Congress too. They wagered a government shutdown against a pay raise they thought they were worth. The American thought differently and kicked them out. That was the year Newt Gingrich became the new Speaker of the House. This past weekend the Democrats told John Boehner they weren't going to accept a deal that didn't include their special 75% subsidy for their own healthcare insurance deal. This is a slap in the face to the American people. They stuffed this damn healthcare bill down our throats, without any debate, because we're too stupid to know what's best for ourselves. But they won't sign up for the same program unless the get a 75% subsidy. This is why they're going to lose the Senate next year. The American people may have short memories, but this is one campaign issue that will surely come back to haunt them next Fall!
You're right. It's like they actually mean to trample on morality, and scold people who defend it. I'm sick of the clowns. We've had too much liberalism for too many years. It's time for a change!
I watched this video last week when it was first released, and the only shoving that was done was by this cop who couldn't seem to control his own anger. And why do we have policemen standing by at these "informal meetings" where parents are asking for some common sense answers from a group of "educators" who only know how to hide from the truth. Common Core is a disaster, a complete disaster... and it's not about education either. It's all about indoctrination. Stay away from it! Keep your kids away from it!
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Obama: Republicans Hate You

Eric1945 Wrote: Aug 11, 2013 10:48 AM
Obama certainly is a first, and in some very shameful ways too. Our first openly racist president has certainly made a grand mess of things, hasn't he! In his race to spread peace and fairness all around the world he's rolled all over the rights of a free America... and the evil white people of this country. Obama is no different then Jesse Jackson, or Al Sharpton... or Jeremiah Wright for that matter. He can't manage his mouth any better, that's for sure!
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Chevy Volt Heads for Fiery Crash

Eric1945 Wrote: Jul 08, 2013 10:06 AM
This Volt nonsense just won't quit, will it? I can't believe that a company the size of GM didn't have the on-staff brainpower to know that the Obamamobile was a real bad idea right from the beginning. They actually listened to an inexperienced, uneducated quota-student, someone who probably couldn't get a job working in the mailroom for lack of a valid social security number, telling them what HE thinks about moving this company into a market that didn't then and doesn't now exist, and they did it! UNBELIEVABLE! Anyone who's stupid enough to waste their money on one of these poorly built fireballs deserve to see the car burn up while sitting in the driveway. Thanks for yet another one of your great ideas Barry!
I wouldn't give her that much credit!
Try 100% increases and rising. As are all liberal ideas, this one is a real loser too. I'll never for get Nancy Pelosi telling us that we had to pass the bill to see what was in it. That should have stopped everything in it's tracks… everything but the libs. They will always be clueless!
Unfortunately common sense reforms to our healthcare system are way over the heads of our elected officials. Democrats in particular are immune to any fix that doesn't cost a lot of money!
These "cheap plans" are not going to be available for long. The idea behind this Affordable Care Act is the put these individual plans out of reach, and then out of business. CA just lost their two largest insurers this past week. They can't be competitive in this market any longer.
Gawande would have a point if we were all built like machines, but we're only mere humans. We're all unique individuals. We need the individualized treatment that only our professional "craftsmen" doctors can afford us. It's indeed unfortunate that Obamacare cannot offer this kind of individualized treatment. The formula for this terrible piece of legislation requires that we're all treated the same, and therefore our care will be substandard. Because fewer people will be afforded the healthcare they need, the need for long-term care will decline as fewer and fewer people will live to that point. One thing is certain about socialized medicine. It's a loser from the very beginning. It isn't less expensive and it can't deliver better care. Not only has our president led Congress down the garden path but the stupidity of the democrat party swallowed it hook, line and sinker.
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