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Bill Clinton would've regained control of an issue as big as this one by throwing this secretary under the bus and then setting up talks with the power brokers in Congress. That's the difference between Clinton and Obama though. Clinton had a lot of political smarts. He would gain control of a situation by immersing himself into the fix. Obama can't do this. He really has no political acumen whatsoever. He's a campaigner, not a leader. He believes himself to be a king... not a president. Obama has been in over his head from the very beginning, and he has no idea how to deal with these leadership issues... none at all!
I think Hickenlooper lost any control he ever had on the way CO deals with this issue when he's took a stand AGAINST our Constitution... that's a big deal, and especially so with the pro-second amendment crowd who he so "fearlessly" pushed aside. He brought this battle upon himself, and the way he did it has brought the pressure of every supporter of our second amendment rights into the battle, whether he likes it or not!
This guy learned at an early age that he could improve his standing in many situations with some real good lying. He's mastered it to an art form. It's become a pathological tenet. It now seems as though he can't turn it off. Lies come out of his mouth willie-nillie while people follow the guy around making excuses for his awful behavior and explaining to people what the clown actually meant when he said what he did. He's a shameful and narcissistic thug of a second rate politician who's goal is to bring this country to it's knees. His legacy is going to surprise even him, because it won't have anything to do with positive changes left behind... there won't be any of those! No, we'll be talking about this turkey for a long, long time... and it won't be kind words we'll be exchanging!
Good for you Navy. You've taken the high road, and you have a lot of people here who stand with you.
Jerry Brown is a moron. If killing children is his idea of leadership then every one of the "mothers" who are okay with this bill to legalize infanticide deserve to live with this clown forever in the hell you're asking for!
Does anybody really care what Barry laments? I guess not!
This guy lies just for the sake of lying! What is happening now with the House saying no to the excesses of the Executive branch is precisely the way the government was designed to run. It's called checks and balances. The fact that this clown claims differently is just another example of his inexperience. He's not the first president to be caught in a similar dilemma and I'm pretty sure he won't be the last. What makes the present situation different is that this bone head is finally realizing the true benefits of having a budget in place. All of this nonsense could've been avoided if he had done things the way the Constitution prescribes. This man brings problems on himself. It sure would help things run more smoothly if he recognized that he was not elected king... he was elected president. This means that he has to work within specified legal boundaries or the whole process comes to a halt... which is where we are now, and whether or not he gets his way depends largely on how much he's willing to give up!
It's common knowledge in most corners of the conservative blogosphere that Mika Brzezinski isn't wrapped that tight anyway. Anyone who bother's with what she has to say is pretty much wasting their time anyway. The fact that only msnbc would bother throwing good money to waste on this piece of dead wood also explains why their viewership is in the toilet as well!
This just isn't true. Harry Reid turned down a deal that was proffered which disallowed a 75% subsidy to House and Senate members and their staff. This isn't a secret either. But it's typical of the kind of double-speak we've all come to expect from this whining little liberal.
Hey, stick your co-workers sister... and go get a job!
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