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24 Million Martyrs

Eric1945 Wrote: Jan 11, 2013 7:02 AM
Screwed sums it up nicely. Obammy seems to be very content as long as middle-class whites are having the screws put to them. This clown has been the worst thing to happen to this country since FDR! We're stuck right where we are until we elect someone who understands how America works. Individualism and exceptionalism are qualities that make-up the American spirit. Many people in this country have forgotten how important these character traits really are to daily life, and unfortunately some of us never had them to begin with... and sadly, our president is one of these unfortunate few.

I wish Obama and the Democrats could be as passionate about jobs as they are about, say, the contents of Happy Meals. Or the dust from cement factories. Or the habitat of the red-cockaded woodpecker.

While the wizard of DC remains a master of illusion and delusion, focusing everyone’s attention on the man behind the curtain- and his 20 Little Martyrs- the jobless recovery now enters its fifth year with no signs that hiring will be picking up soon.

So instead of worrying about the peckers, I wonder about the 12 million martyrs who remain unemployed. And the 3.6...