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Right now, about 9000 minor illegal immigrants are crossing the border without their parents per month (that the government acknowledges). Figure that it costs about $12,000 per year for education and another $15,000 to clothe and feed them, we are looking at about $3 billion more year. And it compounds. Next year their will be another 150,000 (and an extra $4 Billion on top of the $3 Billion), the year after that 200,000, etc, etc. Why wouldn't the poor of the world send their kids to America? You get them educated, feed, and taken care of. Better than the pit they come from. And, of course, they will all vote democratic. So, here they come.
Texas has low unemployment, low costs, and no taxes. People are doing well under a conservative economic policy. Why would they want to change that?
A government program that is spending something like 60% more than expected in its first year? Wou'da thought that? Actually, being only 60% over budget in one year is kind of good for the government.
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Bill To Tax Wealthy For Student Loans Stalls

epeon Wrote: Jun 13, 2014 10:59 AM
got to stay in power if you are a dem. Put another group on the dole. So, lets add former college students to the dole. Got to buy those votes.
This is what a centrally planned economy looks like. The high muckety mucks set up these programs from the state capital or DC and, shock!!, the peons figure out to game them. The peons do exactly what big corporations do when they become Crony capitalists. Centrally planned economies become dysfunctional and corrupt.
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Wrong Lessons from Cantor Defeat

epeon Wrote: Jun 13, 2014 10:52 AM
I think Chris Matthews nailed it right when he said that the average American sees government as dysfunctional and corrupt. Immigration is part of it. But, we are heading, under Obama, to a centrally planned economy. And, like communism and socialism shows, centrally planned economies are dysfunctional and corrupt. That is where we are going and Cantor, et al, really are not fighting it.
The problem with Obama is that he is all talk. The options are not military intervention or do nothing. There is a wide range of actions that could be made. For example, the opposition in Syria could have been funded and given weapons by the US. There is an opposition in IRAN as well.
maybe colleges should cut the cost? I mean, if they are all good liberals, shouldn't college professors just want to take a paycut?
What is really bad is that MAD magazines "funny" articles about the Obama presidency are becoming true.
It get cold in the winter. This new info to the adminstration?
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