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The Battle of Biographies

epatterson241 Wrote: Oct 18, 2012 6:17 PM
Not bad for a mediocre movie critic who desperately wants to reinvent himself as a "Serious Analyst." Best stick with classics like Son of the Golden Turkey Awards, Mikey.

The Obama-Romney duel isn’t just a contest of vision and values, but also a battle of biographies. Mitt Romney has devoted his life to institutions the left views as outmoded and even dangerous – the business community, the Mormon Church and the traditional, patriarchal family. Barack Obama has invested his existence in endeavors the right considers self-indulgent, unproductive and even un-American – community organizing, elite academia, navel-gazing autobiography and corrupt political machines.

To Democrats, for-profit business is selfish, and to Republicans big government is arrogant. Liberals think that Romney feels contempt for ordinary Americans, while conservatives believe Obama shows contempt for...