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That Terrible 'Ted' Movie

epatterson Wrote: Jul 11, 2012 5:40 PM
The good news for all of us is that "Hollywood" laughs at your pining for Old Yeller and Ozzie and Harriet, Mikey. And many conservatives find your desperate attempt at a transition to "political commentator" equally filled with unintentional humor ... or as you pronounce it, "You-mer."
Topeka Wrote: Jul 21, 2012 3:23 PM
e pee wee,

yeah... add something to the column that is not there. typical.

no doubt if Fox ran a show about a guy like this for laughs - they'd make twice the money but the media circus would demand Murdoch for lunch.

the only reason idiots can sell this claptrap is b/c Liberals are too stupid to know the difference between a fart joke and a soliloquy.

Just sayin...
Seth MacFarlane, whose $100 million contract with Fox makes him the highest paid TV writer in history, is now trying to take over the cineplex, with the same old shtick. You could pluck his oeuvre out of the summer movie-preview articles without any difficulty. His was the one where the teddy bear comes to life and becomes a profane slacker who practically lives inside a bong and hires hookers in groups.

The movie's title is "Ted." It won its opening weekend with a $54 million gross at the box office. Clearly, MacFarlane's fans cannot consume enough of his pop-culture sewage.

"Ted" is...