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Good news and a long time coming. While I am sure politicians will seek a way around the ruling, the writing is on the wall. SETTLED LAW folks, this is solid with the courts now from the Supreme Court on down.
We just lost an election by 3.5 million votes. An election that the leadership told us was in the bag. Yet you insist upon believing this self serving fiction. When our own side did the same thing during the GWB Error, the leadership pretended it wasn't real. It didn't happen. They are still re-writing history, refusing to learn from their mistakes. Unless and until our side returns to reality we will see Republican Party membership continue to shrink and power continue to ebb away to the Left. Intellectual dishonesty, political hypocrisy and a legislative policy of obstructionism over compromise is killing the conservative movement.
GW was not that clever.
This is an example of why I left the Republican Party to be an independent. Our side no longer deals with problems honestly. The leadership just makes up stuff to fight about. Rice spoke from bad intelligence. The Republican leadership does not talk about the intelligence failure, they attack the messenger. Compare that to how we went into Iraq on bad intelligence. The GOP leadership put out a blizzard of spin to protect themselves. To this very day, with no WMD's found and an entire war having been fought for no good reason, these people are still making up stuff. Then I see that these same GOP leaders fought against budget increases for diplomatic security in Libya and around the world. The hypocrisy is disgusting.
The ATF has gotten people killed under republican and democratic administrations both. Pretending this isn't the case only gives the ATF more fuel to get away. Criminal responsibility at the top of the Executive Branch is a fiction made up by a power hungry GOP leadership. The fact that all this political bullpuckey works to protect the guilty within the ATF is of no importance to them. How many more bloody, body strewn debacles will it take from the ATF before we stop seizing onto each new crisis as a political weapon and go after this twisted mess of an agency instead?
Nor should you. The ATF did this thing as it has done many others. Taking the focus off the ATF for silly political games always has the same result - the ATF escapes real scrutiny and real punishment.
Kill? Seriously? Good luck with that plan. Seriously, no one is talking about taking a penny from honest and responsible people. The discussion is about specific Federal employees who did things that got people killed. At that level of criminality or incompetence all sorts of punishments becomes both reasonable and appropriate.
Revocation or seizure of things you earned is not an unfair punishment for crimes that got law enforcement personnel on both sides of the border murdered.
Romney and Ryan lost in their own home counties. If the story turns out to be true about some voter fraud, it will not come anywhere close to changing the outcome. So go ahead and prosecute the guilty (PLEASE!) but Romney lost by 3.5 million votes because he was a phony on many levels. Heck, the only candidate in the race to ever succeed at banning firearms? That was Mitt Romney! Bad choice for conservatives, pure and simple.
Middle and senior management, not grunts. The "grunts" ratted out the bosses. Even Wikipedia has that much info. None of this is new really. The ATF has had a built-in cultural dysfunction in middle management ranks for decades. Intense arrogance and zero accountability lead to bad decisions. Such attitudes created the Ruby Ridge and Waco incidents. Countless lesser disasters that rarely make the news too. Every time, the ATF can count on the American left/right political battles to take focus off the agency. People may get shifted around, but no real punishment is given. We shall have to wait and see if anything meaningful comes out of this.
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