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"Yes, rape should be stopped but we haven't managed to do it in this country so pointing fingers at anyone but men and lack of intelligence and control would be wrong." the way to stop rape is to go after rapists, and that begins with early on establishment of the real characteristics of maleness and femaleness. You cannot stop rapes (or, cut back on them, as stopping them in this age is impossible) by killing babies.
Putting pro abortion laws in effect at any level is being an accessory to murder, if not in itself murder. The Left will always canonize such persons.
Because the Left loved death. Jesus said, He who hates me loves death.
He is all of that and less
There is a big difference between health insurance and a life.
People who champion the cause of abortion should be banned from being near children
The first step toward sanity is to end enmity with God. That is what drives the Left. The more of us that know that is the more can avoid falling for their ploys.
YOu are right, and they deserve to be mocked. I always said that Obama won the first time because some blacks- including some that call themselves conservatives and capitalists- needed the affirmation that they (they) can get by seeing a black face int he presidency post. I get mine from the fact that God created me and he knows me, hears me, and sees me, and more significantly, understands my communication.
No, they want to destroy America for revenge. They want revenge on America for having promoted the Word of God for so long and so effectively. Don´t you see the correlation between that hatred and the hatred of the Jews? To them, America is the new Israel; in the past, Israel was the agency by wich God spread his policies abroad. They kiilled (and yes, I believe that the Nazzis and the "Liberals" are the same people) millions of Jews for revenge and Jealousy (they prefer other gods over Jehovah, and hate to see Him have success). Now, America has risen to continue this annoying (to them) task.
They don´t really believe those things. They want the simple to think they do. They use those positions as standpoints in their ploy to be in control, to see occur as much evil as possible. these are not innocently mistaken individuals. They should be stopped with lawful violence.
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