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Still the Least Racist Country in the World

Enrique25 Wrote: Apr 13, 2012 1:30 PM
I remember once Prager was interviewing someone who wrote a book about the 10 commandments, they were taking them one at a time. When it came to 9th commandment, "bear false witness", Prager got very agitated and went to a commercial. When they came back, guess what, they skipped over that commandment. The way it seemed to me is that the guest was very sharp and Prager was afraid that to discuss that commandment would shine a light on how much Prager himself lies about people as a big part of his job.
In light of the tragic killing of black teenager Trayvon Martin -- and the manufactured hysteria surrounding it -- one thing needs to be stated as clearly and as often as possible: The United States is the least racist and least xenophobic country in the world. Foreigners of every race, ethnicity, and religion know this. Most Americans suspect this. Most black Americans and the entire left deny this.

Black Africans know this. That is why so many seek to live in the United States. Decades ago, the number of black Africans who had immigrated to the United States had already surpassed the...

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