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Marijuana: Another Gift of the Left to America's Youth

Enrique25 Wrote: Mar 15, 2013 6:11 PM
Dennis angrily gave more reasons today for throwing countless people in jail, and spending countless millions on the massive drug enforcement apparatus: because he, Dennis, really really HATES marijuana! That's it. Massive big-government restrictions on American citizens because Dennis Prager HATES marijuana. Hard to argue with that!

Denver television station CBS4 reports that Colorado has seen a sharp spike in marijuana use among teenagers since Colorado voters passed Amendment 64 last November legalizing recreational use of the drug. As described in The Economist, along with a Washington State measure also legalizing marijuana, Amendment 64 is "an electoral first not only for America but for the world."

That means two American states are to the left of the Scandinavian countries, Holland, and every other liberal country regarding marijuana.

CBS4 quotes a number of local high school students:

"I've seen a lot more people just walking...

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