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During the NBC interview, did Gregory ask Rice that all-important question reserved for the toughest of interviews: "If you were a tree, what kind would you be, and why?"
Not all, but many Democrat politicians are shameless. Personal integrity means nothing to them. Power and money mean everything. Fomenting lies, innuendo and aspersions about their opponents is all fair game and accepted practice for these Democrat politicians. They are despicable people that do not deserve public office or attention. It appears that Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings fits well into this group of scoundrels.
May the next three years shine the light of truth on any and all corruption and lawlessness within the Obama administration, which at this point is beginning to appear rampant. People like Catherine Engelbrecht are brave patriots who deserve our gratitude for testifying as to the treatment she has endured under this administration.
Alex, Thank you for your reply. I agree with your comment about Friedman. Perhaps the answer is being selective on immigration, not basing it on 'economic refugee's but rather, people who are willing to work hard and contribute to America. Of course, the Democrats would go ballistic on such a policy. However, I look forward to Ann Coulter writing about what her recommendations would be on immigration policy some day soon *before the mid-term elections), because she usually has good ideas.
Population growth means economic growth and increased standards of living for all the people. Yet Americans are reproducing at about the replacement rate for a sustained population: about 2.1 babies per 2 adults. So if Americans aren't growing the population on their own, where is the population growth going to come from, if not from immigrants? America benefited from past immigration (Irish, Italians, English, WW 2 refugees, etc) and the immigrants became absorbed into the American melting pot. What has changed, and what is Ms. Coulter's practical solution?
Colms states at the 7:15 mark: "Women get pregnant, not men. It's not voluntary" Women are not forced to have children, they decide to. That makes having children voluntary. Taking time off work to have children is part of their decision. So what the heck is Colms talking about? Is this what happens when you agree to take a position in a debate that you know is ridiculous and indefensible? Does Colms just say anything, no matter how ridiculous, just because he's getting paid to talk?
Russia's Islamic regions have a long-standing personal hatred and vendetta against Putin. In preparation for the Olympic games, Russia's Islamic terrorist leader has formally removed the ban on harming the public during any terrorist actions. Russia's Islamic terrorists have issued a formal warning to Putin that Russia is in for a 'surprise' at the Olympics, as will be any members of the public from any country who attend the games. So it appears that Russia's Islamic terrorist community is definitely planning violence involving the public at the Olympics. And even with all this terrorist planning being public knowledge, the games are proceeding. It's as if there are two sets of events on the official agenda: The Olympic games, and the Islamic terrorist attack attempts. How can the athletes be expected to perform at their best when there is a realistic probability that a terrorist act(s) could break out at any time, possibly affecting them personally? For Putin, how the violence plays out (or is quashed) is the bigger event than the games. The 2014 Russian - Islamic Terrorist Games: The world gathering at a probable crime zone where Putin and Russia's terrorists will be duking it out for the heavyweight championship of public violence.
Ms. Barkoukis writes that Piers Morgan's remarks suggesting Ambassador Stevens was most to blame for the murder of himself and three other brave Americans at the hands of Islamic terrorists was "unbelievable." I think more accurately, his remarks are believable and utterly despicable. This is but an example of how depraved Piers Morgan is in his unconditional support of the Obama administration. It appears that for the mainstream 'progressive' media and Piers Morgan in particular, there is always an excuse for the Obama administration's incompetence, for it's practice of making policy decisions guided by political cynicism rather than by what's best for America, for it's obfuscation and for its outright lying. The same applies in covering up and deflecting for Hillary Clinton, whose performance as Secretary of State was disastrous for America and her allies. The progressive media praises and protects her on every issue, no matter how serious a blunder she implemented or oversaw. Even die-hard supporters of the Obama administration, whether committed by graft or bribe or relentless brainwashing must recognize bull sh!t when they see it being offered up by the likes of Piers Morgan.
In the spirit of the Christmas season, and because His ratings are abnormally low, perhaps Obama could perform an Intervention similar to the one He presided over in 2009 between the Cambridge Police and Professor Henry Louis Gates. If only Obama would hold another Beer Summit to bring A&E to its senses and resolve this dispute amicably.
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Alec Baldwin vs. Liberal Bullies

Enn Wrote: Nov 21, 2013 4:35 PM
Liberals are bullies. And Alec Baldwin, being a liberal, is also a bully. He bullied his daughter with caustic and insulting words that will leave her remembering it (and probably hating Baldwin) for the rest of her life. He bullied the Fox News reporter when he verbally attacked her. So why does Ann Coulter feel she has to defend Alec Baldwin from other liberal bullies? Let these liberal bullies go at each other and rip each other to shreds. Why defend the merely 'very bad' from the 'worst'?
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