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Did Rand Paul give a blanket endorsement of McConnell for any and all future decisions and activities? No. Your argument is a strawman.
"And true to form, fractured Republicans caved, rewarding Democrats' dishonest intransigence" Recall Mitch McConnell and all the other Republican cave-dwellers who betrayed the promise that got them elected in the first place. No more spineless turn-coats!
Few people know that Apollo 11 Commander Neil Armstrong caught a bad cold just before lift-off, so NASA called in Brian Williams to command the flight. It's a top secret that is was Brian Williams, not Neil Armstrong, who was the first man to step onto the moon. But keep this a secret - in fact you'd have to feed Williams more than a few drinks before his tells this story.
Some might quibble that Al Sharpton currently being President Obama's 'Ambassador' on race relations and civil rights would be a conflict of interest to being NBC's next national news anchor, but once Sharpton and Obama deny such allegations and suggest that anyone who disagrees is a racist, the debate would be quashed. Another benefit to Sharpton being the next NBC news anchor is the cost and time savings by having NBC broadcast the news right out of the White House.
Your analogy puts the Brian Williams scandal into stark perspective. Most people would lose their jobs if caught lying to their bosses and customers. Credibility it the greatest asset of journalists, and Williams' credibility is in self-inflicted shreds, never to be recovered. The only people who will continue to watch his 'news' show are those who haven't heard about his lying, and those who don't care that he could be lying at any time because they like the messages in his lies.
My first thoughts after reading the headline: "Brian Williams "Stepping Away" From NBC News--For a Few Days" was that he must have gotten an urgent request from the Marine Corps, who need him to lead Seal Team Six on an extremely dangerous rescue mission in the middle east. What else could draw 'Tall-tale Williams' away from his daily NBC fib-cast?
President Obama's accomplishments as Commander in Chief: - 'snatched defeat from the jaws of victory' in Iraq - on course to do the same in Afghanistan - empowered an Islamic terrorist caliphate across Iraq and Syria by turning a blind eye - allowed Vladimir Putin to invade and occupy Crimea unimpeded - downsized the US military and engineered America's loss in stature world-wide Obama's foreign policy has been so bad that even President Jimmy Carter (the previous record holder for lousy policy decisions) recently criticized him.
Now that Barack Hussein Obama II knows from the mid-term elections what Americans think of his performance and leadership, he might feel less constrained than before in making decisions that seem to be founded in poor judgement. As a minimum, releasing unlawful enemy combatants, only to have many of them return to the middle-east to fight us and our allies seems to be one of those examples. Actually, it's worse than just poor judgement: It's reckless and dangerous.
I'm surprised this political hack didn't preface her comments with some brazen plagiarism: "I have a dream, that..." Obama is busy constructing his 'progressive' legacy.
More likely than pulling her nurse's license, her smug mug will be on US postage stamps, and there will be a statue of her at the National Mall.
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