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Something Rotten in the State

English2 Wrote: Apr 24, 2012 3:05 AM
Mr Carter allowed the slaughter of over 1 million Cambodians on the killing fields because he was a pacifist and puppet. I do appreciate his desire for peace, but sitting by during the slaughter is inexcusable.
With the number of Secret Service members and agents caught up in the partying-with-prostitutes scandal in Cartagena now at a dozen, and six already gone, how much wider and deeper does this go?

No one can take pleasure in seeing Secret Service agents -- whose deserved reputation is that they will "take a bullet" for the president, his family and all whom they protect -- shamed and disgraced.

Yet one would have to be naive to believe this was some isolated incident. No sooner was the first day's work done in Cartagena than 20 hookers were trooping into the hotel rooms of SS...