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Justinian--in answer to your questions ("what makes these Democrats think that either Warren or Sanders could win a general election? Warren has only been a junior senator for a little over one year. How does that qualify her for the presidency?"): There are two answers to the first question--the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections. Who would have dreamed that our country contained enough voters ignorant enough to vote for Obama not once, but twice? The answer to your second question, of course, is that Warren is obviously not qualified for the presidency. However, it has become painfully obvious that being qualified for the presidency is not a prerequisite for being elected president (see answer to first question).
To Big 07: Jesus turned water into wine; that's good enough for me.
Good point! See you earlier post beginning with "Oh, this country is filled with dimwits alright".
How about the fact that the net result (so far) of obamacare is that 1.8 million more Americans are without healthcare insurance than before it was implemented? What? You didn't know that? Oh, you must have just heard on NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, etc. about the 5 million people who have now signed up (and we won't even mention that about a third or less of those have actually paid), but they won't mention the "inconvenient truth" that the number of those who have lost their coverage due to obamacare is more than that. Ask one of your conservative friends (if you have any) to help you find Fox News, and you will get both sides of the story
That's easy for a rich liberal to say--just come up with some more money to buy a plan that we, in our infinite wisdom, have deemed better for you than the plan you can afford. Conservatives understand that private individuals and businesses, unlike our ever-expanding government, do not have the perception of unlimited economic resources.
"California isn't lead (sic) by morons"? Wow, did I miss a series of special elections to replace the morons?
Sshh! The NSA is watching...
I guess Obama will feel safe, assuming that a duck hunter has no interest in a turkey.
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