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brought us more Hispanic support. Also tomorrow before Obamas speech there will be speakers and a segment pushing for gay marraige NOW AS THE CIVIL RIGHTS BATTLE OF OUR TIME.
Womens tennis. We need more black male players.
Take a look at the crime stats for Marine vets!
I see why he had to do it. s soon as we get past this election however, we no longer have to appear one way or appease anybody....Obama, and his supporters, can be free to be who we are.
It's time to go attack some conservative on twitter.
Becca, I have TRIED to get along with my family. I could even forgive them their dumb conservative views....BUT they always take it too far (by being against choice & thus my rights as a woman....or by saying horrible things about Obama) My parents are snobs and old school Republicans. My idiot brother is a rightwing tool......and he's ONLY in his mid 20s so what does THAT say? I have tried and tried to be patient and tolerant of them becca. But they treat me like I'm speaking gibberish or standing on a chair shaking my fists in the air.
If you are talking about inflation and gas priices, presidents ahve no control over such matters.
Its going to be a landslide blowout on election day, loser.
I have never uttered the words "I hate white people"
Gods and devils and religions are medieval superstition. Good for the DNC
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