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Louisiana Teachers Union Threatens Potential Voucher Schools with Litigation

EMTMatt Wrote: Jul 31, 2012 10:06 AM
Public Education is not a Constitutional Right and therefore monies dedicated for the purpose of education can not be unconstitutionally spent. But as always Teachers are morons and so they file moronic suits predicated on moronic ideas and backed by moronic people. I hope that the State Government shuts any school down involved in the suit.
Governor Jindal signed a momentous education package into law this past April. Jindal’s education package was full of conservative reforms. The most notable conservative reform, and one championed by the late Milton Friedman, is the dramatic expansion of the state’s voucher program. School vouchers were originally concentrated on post- Hurricane Katrina New Orleans, but school choice is being extended to the rest of the state under Louisiana’s new law. There are now 380,000 poor and middle-class students in low-performing schools who are eligible for school vouchers in Louisiana.

By now, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the...