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Garry McCarthy should try doing his job instead trying to pass National legislation. Chicago has become the Afghanistan of America except a little more dangerous. The fact that these murders continue to happen is because these police and mayor aren't doing there jobs. The rest of the country has no where near the trouble that Chicago has. How about trying something completely different, passing legislation that allows your citizens to protect themselves since the police can't. Repeal all these laws that are killing people in Chicago at a rate higher that Afghanistan.
I have no problem with Washington State wanting State sponsored abortion. If the people don't feel that they want to pay for this with their taxes they can either change their elected officials or leave the State.
If Chick fil a can have a more Chicago image if the CEO gives out crack with meals and murders every tenth customer..
What about media matters???
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Pelosi: I Know the Constitution

emontero Wrote: May 31, 2012 11:19 PM
Pelosi has been smoking with the President if she truly believes that she knows the constitution.
This guy makes me sick.
I catholic also what church is she in. My faith says that abortion and gay marriage is against the catholic church.
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